Stunning bonsai in the sakka ten 2008 in brixen italy!!!

Hans van Meer

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Hi everybody,
I would like to link you to Bonsai Mike Blogspot!! He posted some stunning photo's from THE SAKKA TEN 2008 in Brixen (Italy) and some amazing shots from his visit to Bonsai Centrum Othmar Auer!
In this 2008 Sakka Ten exhibition, you can see some beautiful examples of European "LITERATI" Bonsai and lots of other uniquely styled top Bonsai, really high class!! I think that Bonsai is progressing at a amazing rate the last couple of years, I cant wait to see, what kind off amazing Bonsai Art the future will bring! Bonsai is exciting again and is finally going places! I love it!:D
Thanks to Bonsai mike for posting all these wonderful pictures!!!:D
Hans van Meer. und Besuche

king kong

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Oh dont forsake me bonsai nuthouse

Yea, me too, the next time I am in Europe hiding all my money so my stock brooker can't find it.
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