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  1. H

    Suggestions about Azalea shape

    I need help with a ‘bonsai’ shape of my new azalea (chino crimson) Any suggestions??? Thanx in advance. 🙏🏼
  2. M

    Azalea rhododendron leaves falling off

    I've been worried about the health of my Azalea for a while now. During the summer, it was super hot in Netherlands, some of the leaves started to turn brown. This while I was watering every day (sometimes even 2x, on the 33+ celcius days). That brown color was explainable then, but the tree is...
  3. S

    Shibui Azaleas 2022

    Azaleas have flowered well this spring and coincided well with different shows. Shohin sized presumed kurume variety shown at Canberra Bonsai society show October 8th and 9th Purple flower Kurume variety shown at Myrtleford show 22nd October and a red flowered Indica variety same weekend but...
  4. B

    Need help with Azalea, Please!

    Hi Bonsai Nuts! I am currently having some major issues with my azalea. It has been losing leaves for the last three week. The leaves have been losing color; turning brown, black, and the tips of some of them have been turning brown as well. I was not having any sorts of problems with the tree...
  5. Y

    First time wiring ever.

    This is my first time ever wiring anything so welcome so criticism and feedback! I’m going for a cascade as it’s my wife’s favorite style of bonsai. Starting to bring that right side down and pruned a big branch on the left. Trimmed down the middle area to get it shorter as it was very leggy so...
  6. AnutterBonsai

    Satsuki from Whip Development

    Good afternoon everyone! I recently received my order of 3 satsuki azaleas from Wayne at Riverbend Gardens. I love their small foliage and wonderful flowers. The cultivars I will developing into, hopefully, one day to become bonsai, are: Kimi Maru, chitose nishiki & ai no tsuki. I recently came...
  7. greenfarmer

    New to bonsai- Grewia and Azalea

    Hello I’m new(ish) to bonsai. I had a cypress when I was a kid and It didn’t go too well. I’m older and much wiser now and have just been gifted an azalea and a grewia(lavender star flower). The azalea looks hella healthy but the grewia has some yellowing on the leaves and some dried out...
  8. K

    I need some advice for my Azaleea Satsuki

    Hello! I have this Azaleea Bonsai, whose leaves started to turn grey-brownish. I would like to know what could be the cause of this. I water it about every second day, and since 2 weeks i am using a liquid fertilizer. I attached the images to my post. Thank you in advance
  9. AnutterBonsai

    AnutterBonsai's Azalea 2020-2025 Contest Entry

    Is it too late to enter? I did some work on a nursery azalea this year, late springtime. Bought this Encore azalea from local nursery and I liked it's twin trunk look. Bought it and chopped it same day: May 27, 2020. first leaves came out around June 18-23. And those first leaves started...
  10. M

    Azalea from Shrub, a Keeper?

    Hello friends, I have been looking around for yamadori bonsai material for months without much luck because most of the land surrounding me is privately owned. I finally decided I would just cut a chunk off of my azalea hedge in my front yard that I thought had great roots and a workable...
  11. Ryanblaneyfan12

    In a bind!

    Good morning, afternoon, or evening depending on where you are in the world. Recently got into this wonderful hobby and have been reading, listening and watching everything I can to understand care, styling, etc. One of my Azalea trees seems to be getting a lot of dead leaves and brown ends and...
  12. Apex37

    Browning on Azalea Leaves

    Not sure if this is not enough watering or some sort of fungal or other pest issue. I got this thing from Lowe's on sale, so not premier quality azalea, but trying to at least keep it alive. Lol Anyway, I'm hesitant to repot him because he is in the middle of flowering, but I'm sure the soil...
  13. Apex37

    Azalea Soil Mix

    So I just picked up a nice red azalea at Lowes for $10 and gonna try and bonsai him. This is my first azalea and I've heard they prefer more acidic soil. I've read a Kanuma mix is good for them. I have Akadama, Pine Bark, Lava Rock, and Perilite. Will any or a specific mix of these work for the...
  14. K

    Help please...

    Hello... I got this beautiful Bonsai tree in November last year as a gift. I’m in NY and temperatures are crazy freezing out here. I took out my beautiful tree which was super healthy and green. Unfortunately temperatures dropped below 0 degrees F and I completely forgot to bring my tree...
  15. JLee9706

    Evergreen Azalea

    Impulse buy... tips?! I’ve been told of watering (2-3 times a week) and sunlight restrictions (mostly shade). I’ve had it for about two weeks now. I wanted to make sure I could keep it alive before doing any work on it. I wanted to see if there was any tips for growth or changes to the existing...
  16. Deep Sea Diver

    What type of azalea media (substrate) do you use?

    Hi All 'Nuts! I'd like to get some help from all of you that have evergreen azaleas. In this poll I'm trying to get a handle on what media components folks pot their evergreen azalea in. Please list your top three components if you are using a mix. If you use more than 3 components, do not...
  17. nmilewski

    Nmilewski's "Azalea 2020-2025" entry

    Hey all! First time contest for me and another entry for the great North American deciduous Azalea experiment. This is an azalea 'fireball'. An exbury hybrid I got from a nursery. Trying to sort out if I need to gradually reduce down or if I can hard chop. Thinking the base has good potential...
  18. cozmicat

    Azalea cutback, best time of year

    Hey all, This is my first post, I am fairly new to bonsai, only been practicing for a little over a year. I recently purchased a Golden Lights azalea, I am not sure what species of azalea that falls into. The card that came with the azalea says "Northern Lights Hybrid" I assume someone cooked...
  19. S

    HELP! I think my azalea bonsai is dead

    Hi all, I have attached pictures of a Bonsai my husband got me for valentines day and i think it is dead. He has a habit of over watering plants. We also live in the High Rockies and even though it is inside the temperatures easily get to 30 degrees regularly and VERY dry. If it is not dead...
  20. S

    Too good to pass? Azalea

    Should i buy it or pass? Im on the fence. New to the hobby, ive got 5 bonsai in total (1 azalea), half of which are pretty young. My condo association bought azaleas for pur garden. One of them has a great trunk and is alot nicee than mine. Should i buy another azalea to replace my condo...
  21. 6A5A157C-D509-4F5A-ABC8-B1374CD479F7.jpeg


    Bought waterlogged and not very well looked after
  22. Danielm

    Azalea thoughts

    Hi all I’ve acquired this little satsuki originally imported from Japan and wondered what I can do with the shape ? It’s a cracking little tree and has a great trunk
  23. Azalea.jpg


    Japanese importered azalea. One of my favourite trees .... shhhh don’t tell the others ?
  24. ekim046

    Nursery Satsuki Azalea Bonsai - 3 YR prog. + Tool Giveaway

    Hey folks, This I'm still pretty new to bonsai and after numerous moves over the last few years, this is one of the oldest bonsai that I have. I purchased it for about $35 at a local nursery as an azalea shrub and have worked on it (and made many, many mistakes on it) and this is how it looks...
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