1. Apex37

    Brazilian Raintree Literati

    I’ve had this tree for awhile, but decided to finally make a post for it. When I originally received it, it was poorly wrapped and secured in the shipping box and got pulled out of the pot it was in. I reset it in the pot it came in and added some support with a wooden block. It ended up...
  2. R

    Just got my first Brazilian rain tree :)

    So I just received my BRT and I love it! The only thing is the trunk is stick straight, I'm wondering when BRTs start to flute/flatten? Also I am thinking of keeping it in this pot to let it grow and settle in a bit, is that a good idea or should I transfer it to a bonsai pot? Thanks for the help!
  3. R

    White Leaves on Brazillian Rain Tree

    I recently got a Brazilian Rain Tree from Wigerts. After the initial leaf loss from the trip it has recovered really well and put on a lot of growth, but when it came it had a couple leaves with a lot of white splotches. Now I have some more of the older leaves that it arrived with becoming...
  4. zezima

    First BRT - General advice, Leaves Wilting, Discolored, losing pigment

    Hey! This is my first bonsai, I purchased it from a nursery about a month ago. I've been reading up and learning as much as I can about BRTs and bonsai in general. I'm growing my BRT indoors at a sunny west-facing window as it is my only option since I live in a city. 2 weeks after purchasing...
  5. J

    BRT advice needed

    This is my first bonsai, I’ve had it for 1 yr. We’ve had some ups and downs, but I’ve managed to keep it alive and learned a lot along the way. 1 month ago I slip-potted here (it’s not actually that deep, there are a lot of rocks in the bottom), but did not do any pruning. It’s March in Austin...
  6. MattE

    Time lapse of BRT waking up

    Hey all, Thought you might enjoy this. I made a time lapse of my Brazilian rain tree waking up to the morning sun ( indoor lighting lol ) It amazes me how much plants move in a matter of 30 min.. they truly are such a miss understood species that we take for granted. Hope you enjoy this short...
  7. B

    BRT germination / seedling growing help

    Please feel free to point me to another thread if it exists. I tried searching but couldn’t find it. Against most internet advice- I’m starting my bonsai journey trying to germinate seeds and grow my own trees. I love BRTs and have bought some seeds online. First few orders were through an...
  8. S

    My Brazilian Raintree is super sad with some crispy leaves. What am I doing wrong?!

    Sorry in advance if I am posting this thread to the wrong place, this will be my first post here. I live in Orlando, FL and keep my trees on a West facing, enclosed patio, so they get about 5 hours of sunlight a day. I recently purchased my second BRT close to three weeks ago. I will try to...
  9. A

    What are these gnats nesting in my BRT?

    I recently got a Brazilian rain tree this summer and have had it outside up until now. Both outside in the summer and now inside I have seen these small insects on the tree. They mostly seem to be near or on new growth. I'm guessing they're feasting on the sap the tree produces. As far as I can...
  10. Clicio

    Thornless BRT is blooming

    What about yours? It's an old BRT , its leaves are already reduced, and is flowering like never. Well, it's Spring here, so it should bloom.
  11. Clicio

    Leatherback, me, and Brazilian Rain trees; a threesome.

    So sorry about the accent, but... Some people find it charming! lol @leatherback thanks for the opportunity to show parts of my garden. It is not finished yet, but the Rain Forest that surrounds it is worth my laziness! Watch here!
  12. N

    Best soil for BRT?

    Hello friends, I bought a beautiful Brazillian raintree from a local shop recently for my climate-controlled office, and I'm questioning what kind of soil I should use. My understanding is that, out in the wild, BRTs grow in sandy soil. In fact, I have often read that, when these trees are...
  13. B

    Brazilian Rain Tree -aphids ?

    I have a Brazilian Raintree. I Am keeping it indoors for the winter (Zone 9b). Some of the leaves, especially the new growth, is curling up on itself. And I can see tiny specks/flakes in the photo (but not really with the naked eye). Also, some of the leaves has a sticky/shiny substance. This...
  14. T

    BRT losing leaves?

    Hello! I'm fresh into the world of bonsai and was given my first tree in early December. It is a Brazilian Raintree and I'm afraid I'm already making big mistakes. It had a little bit of yellowing of the leaves and defoliation, nothing major, about a week and a half ago which I contributed to...
  15. Newbonsai13

    BRT leaves lost pigment over night

    I’m not exactly sure why, but my BRT’s leaves lost a lot of their green color from the time i went to bed, to the time i woke up this morning. Nothing feels overly dry so i am not sure what is happening! If anyone knows the cause or if this is problematic, please let me know!
  16. JuniperSol

    Advice for my Brazilian Raintree

    So I am a recent owner of a Brazilian Raintree. I’ve been doing my best to take care of it (keeping it under a large grow light while it was indoors [moved it outside today in the shade to integrate it], watering when needed, fertilizing, etc.) but want to get some advice. I’ve attached photos...
  17. JuniperSol

    Brazilian Rain Trees - Growing Seeds

    I recently ordered some Brazilian rain trees (10 seeds) and wanted some advice on a couple of things. I mainly ask because I have had a hard time finding information (the seller sends info but I would like to get info ahead of time to prepare). 1) Soil. I have read a mix of things, such as using...
  18. D

    Where to buy Brazilian raintree

    Hello, I'm from Portugal and im having trouble getting a BRT. Can someone recomend some website where i can buy it from or some private seller from EU ? All i can find are sellers who ship only in America, Im looking for seeds or small trees . If someone can help i would really apretitate...
  19. Clicio

    BRT_Nuts - Important info about Brazilian Raintree Cultivars

    For all of you that like Brazilian Rain Trees, after some research and info exchanges with @leatherback and others, I have found out that some BRT cultivars are really interesting. Maybe they are restricted to Brazil only, but I think this info below could help somehow. 1-) First a regular BRT...
  20. Clicio

    Brazilian Rain Tree - BRT - from seed, a progression

    I decided to create this thread to record the progression of a BRT from seed, one from a batch of 20 or so. Some culled, most given as gift. I sowed in sand in the winter of 2018, it sprouted in the beginning of October. After 10 days it was going well. Shade, humidity and watering. In...
  21. Bezalel Nebari

    BRT Air Layer Leaves Not Opening

    I started this air layer on my BRT about a month ago. First I hard chopped everything below it, which caused the top part that I am layering to explode in new growth. After about 2 weeks, the leaves above the layering point closed and never opened again, and there hasn't been any new growth up...
  22. BrazilianMoistWood

    BRT green crunchy leaves?

    Did a quick style on my BRT tonight and noticed that some of the smaller leaves (darker green so i believe they are older growth) were crunchy... i cut them off to investigate further and they did have a noticeable crunch but did not crumble. At the folds of the crunches they turned a darker...
  23. BrazilianMoistWood

    BRT outside on a farm?

    I’ve recently bought a Brazilian rain tree and have been wanting to put it outside for the summer but mother says I should keep it inside because of the delicate leaves. She puts her hibiscus outside in the summer and every fall when she brings it back in it has spider mites on it. I live on a...
  24. janaiya

    Brazilian Rain Tree help needed

    Hi, I have questions regarding my BRT, 35 yrs old, got it 2 weeks ago. I am also kinda new to Bonsai, have had them in the past but could not deepen my knowledge. Located in South Florida Miami, sitting outside facing South all day ( its Winter so it gets sun until 3 pm). The tray is under soil...
  25. S

    BRT please help

    Hi everyone. I am really new to bonsai. Someone got me a Brazilian Rain Tree as a gift, knowing that I miss my gardening and plant care, now that I've moved to a tiny apartment in a big city. Unfortunately, I don't have outdoor space which is why this person got me an "indoor bonsai". I know...
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