1. TrevorLarsen

    Trevor’s seed growing.

    I figured I would post about my first attempt to grow trees from seed. I planted them on March 3rd 2024. I have around 100 Japanese Maples (4 verities- Arakawa, mikawa yatsubusa, Atropurpureum and green dissectum. I also planted some Trident Maple and some Black and Blue Spruce. Some of the...
  2. swamp_lantern

    How to start pomegranate from seed?

    Hey everybody! My grandmother had a pomegranate tree (unsure of what cultivar) that dropped a lot of fruit this season. She suddenly passed a week ago and I decided to collect a pomegranate that had dropped 3 months ago so that I could make some bonsais to remember her. Last night I processed...
  3. Apex37

    Growing Goji Berry and Dwarf Kumquat from Seed

    Aside from my acorn project for the 10 year contest, I got a couple other seed projects I’m pretty excited about. One of my favorite local nurseries just so happened to have a single goji berry plant available when I visited them a few months back. Best part is it was fruiting! I decided to pick...
  4. A

    Blue atlas cedar - how to collect seeds and plant them?

    I’m not sure if I’m bad at the search function on this website but I have been struggling to find detailed information about collecting and growing a bonsai from a blue atlas cedar cone/seeds. (I can’t find any retailer that will ship a live blue atlas cedar nor seeds to Sweden. Hence why I’ll...
  5. HashBob

    Helmet Head Solution?

    I started a few trees from seed a bit ago, and got one flame tree to sprout successfully. It's been about a week since it popped, but it hasn't managed to free itself from the shell. I've tried keeping it moist and gently picking at it a bit, but it's quite tough and I'm starting to worry. Any...
  6. Bejzu

    My first Bonsai. Aleppo Pine, from seed. Guidance going forward

    Hi... First post, first Bonsai. Looking for guidance. These are pictures of my Aleppo pine that is about 6 months old (from seed) I am new to Bonsai so my limited knowledge has all come from books and online resources rather then experience. My instinct is to just let it grow in an...
  7. S

    Japanese maples (cultivars?) from seed

    We often see posts asking about named cultivars grown from seed which promptly get replies (rightly) stating that cultivars can only be propagated asexually. Any seedling is the result of sexual propagation so has new combinations of genes and is therefore a completely new cultivar. As...
  8. Rivian

    Are your landscape JMs still full of seeds?

    I was wondering when mature (seed-bearing) Japanese maples lose their seeds. Helps in deciding when to buy large JMs, if you want the seeds too. Have they lost most of their seeds by now, in your area? Also curious how deep a freeze kills exposed, dormant JM seeds.
  9. R

    Friend in Japan sent me a DIY 'grow your own bonsai' kit as a Christmas gift. I am a square 1, absolute 0 experience grower. Advice?

    Hi, so complete newbie here who was essentially thrown into this hobby via a Christmas gift sent to me by a friend in Fukuoka. What she sent me is a tiny 'DIY at home super easy yadda yadda' store-bought bonsai kit that comes in a small egg shaped container and includes a very small, no...
  10. Viridian Bonsai

    Cold Hardy Bonsai in Zone 3-4

    Hello everyone, So I have started really getting into bonsai this year. I do have some trees I began training/growing out to thicken 2 years ago: 2 shimpaku and 1 Blue Point chinensis. I will list the species I have and am starting from seed to ask their suitability as bonsai in this cold...
  11. Caleb Campbell

    Field Maple from seed?

    Just ordered some Acer campestre seeds from F. W. Schumacher so I can start stratifying them pretty soon and sow them next spring. I figured it would be a great species to start from seed because they can tolerate my hot humid climate, and they bulk up and develop very fast, similar to how...
  12. cornfed

    Where to buy seed? Quick Question.

    I want to propagate some seed as soon as I can. Who are the reliable retailers of seed that you guys prefer to use? Thanks!
  13. Ericanoel6

    Cherry blossom seeds & Yoshino Cherry cutting

    My prunus serrulata seeds came in today as well as Yoshino cherry. I know how to stratify the seeds. I am starting off with a 24 hour soak in warm water. All of the seeds sunk!! I am thinking part cold stratification and part with seed starting mix to germinate. The seeds are from June 2020...
  14. JTrips

    Help ID Old A. Palmatum variety

    On my stroll down Main St. today, noting tree progress and scavenging seed, I came upon a large A. palmatum (I'm new here so don't trust me). It has a high resolution twig profile, and a small leaf. There are few seeds hanging still, but enough to help ID the seeds deposited in the tree...
  15. I

    Deciduous vs evergreen oaks from seed

    I’ve imported some acorns because oaks aren’t native here and seems like they don’t appeal much to Chinese culture either. I’m experimenting with 2 very different oaks that I’ve come across. On the right I’m guessing it’s some sort of English or European oak from a tree in Milan (it was...
  16. Big Country Bonsai

    Would anyone be interested in purchasing several varieties of oak seeds ( acorns)?

    Not sure if there's any interest, but I have access to several oak trees with loads of acorns. There is Live oak, buckley oak (its a beautiful delicate red oak), Mohr oak (similar to grey oak), post oak, blackjack oak, and an interesting hybrid of buckley and blackjack oak ( hastings oak) and...
  17. H

    White Pine Stratification

    Hey all So I've purchased some JWP seeds from Sheffield and they arrived today. I have looked everywhere and found so many different answers on stratifying them. Looked up the info found on Prof Deno's paper on germination techniques, other articles I could dig up on google scholar on the topic...
  18. K

    First time planting seeds, some pics and questions inside

    So I ordered some seeds online and a mini green house to put in front of my window. Very curious to see if they will germinate, especially since only 8/60 seeds that I planted sunk to the bottom in their 24 hour soaking period. Maybe they didnt sunk because they were poor quality? Not sure how...
  19. milehigh_7

    Article Dr. Norman Deno: 2nd Supplement to Seed Germination Theory and Practice 2018-01-02

    The Second Edition of Seed Germination Theory and Practice and the First and Second Supplements provide data on the germination of about five thousand species. These data provide a basis for either exactly knowing the germination pattern or for making a reasonable prediction of the germination...
  20. milehigh_7

    Article Dr. Norman Deno: 1st Supplement to Seed Germination Theory and Practice 2018-01-01

    I INTRODUCTION This is the First Supplement to the Second Edition of Seed Germination Theory and Practice. Contained herein are data on 40 new families, 518 new genera, 1117 new species, and updates of earlier work on 282 species. In general, the principles and germination patterns presented in...
  21. milehigh_7

    Article Seed Germination Theory and Practice -- Dr. Norman Deno 2nd Edition

    Dr. Norman Deno's book lists over 2500+ species and gives pretreatments if any to assist in the removal of delay mechanisms. EVERY SPECIES OF PLANT HAS ONE OR MORE MECHANISMS FOR DELAYING GERMINATION. UNTIL THE SEED IS DISPERSED (Chapters 5-12). This principle pervades every aspect of seed...
  22. R

    Anything I can do with this?

    Hello all, My daughter was playing and accidentally launched this seed across the backyard, I looked at it and its already germinated. We had strong winter weather for about a month in November but for some reason its been in the high 60s and 70s this month, I think maybe this seed got tricked...
  23. syon_r

    Damping off Prevention

    I know when growing from seed to use a well draining soil mix and to grow in a bright area to prevent damping off of seeds. What fungicides should I use as preventatives? Should they be soil or spray fungicides? Should I apply fungicides after or before seeds begin to sprout? Should I use powder...
  24. syon_r

    Temperatures for growing black pine seeds

    I want to try the Japanese black pine from seed contest. I am going to stratify them in February or March, and plant in April. In Denver in April average low temperatures are around 35 degrees. Should I grow them indoors until May or June when temperature lows are in the 50s and then move...
  25. sparklemotion

    Bonsai Today Masters' Series Pine Book vs. Volume 20

    I've given up on trying to find a (legal) copy of Bonsai Today Vol. 20. I will save you my internal rant regarding artificial scarcity caused by physical media. In my search, I ran across this book from Stone Lantern. Description: Can anyone confirm that the content of the elusive Bonsai...
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