1. T

    Reviving a gifted serissa

    In November last year I was gifted a Serissa - while the tree is beautiful and I have been casually interested in bonsai as an art form, it is my first ever tree (and one I never would have gotten myself). It is extremely temperamental, the first month or so in my care it acclimatised well and...
  2. MattE

    Some more 3D printed pots

    Here’s a Vietnamese style pot I painted to look old and weathered with dwarf jade And a square Chinese style pot I painted earth tones with my Brazilian rain tree both from seeds And then 2 other ceramics I found at a thrift store that I made into pots one with my serissa air layer I just did...
  3. T

    Serissa heavy wiring, all leafs turn dark and droppy. Is it going to go dead or?

    Few days ago just did quite a heavy wiring bending on my well grown serissa. Will it survive?
  4. MattE

    Serissa styling and advice.

    Hey all. Just wanted to show you a serrissa I just picked up. I got a good deal on it and fell in love with the semi cascade. I tool the wires off as it was to tight and left on to long. A if some of you have styling ideas please share thoughts. B it's in horrible soil right now. Very muddy...
  5. M

    Serissa advice

    Hello! Im quite new to bonsai and have recently acquired a Snow Rose Serissa bonsai as a gift.(Note this is not where i keep it I just brought it inside to take a picture)When I first got it it was sickly and weak but has now started to grow, gain vigor and flower/bud. Now that it seems to be...
  6. J

    Serissa has buds on branch but not growing

    Hi, I am hoping someone in here might have some ideas to help with my Serissa. I will give you a list of events that happen once the health of my tree dropped. The tree has recovered most of the leaf's again except for one branch. That branch does have many buds but it really is not growing...
  7. Stubby

    Serissa Foetida and Light/Placement

    I have just purchased a Serissa and am wondering about its placement (I am in southern Ontario by the way). I have a southern facing window in which a Fukien Tea Tree has thrived for about 4 years on the windowsill. I understand Serissa’s are more fickle and require high light. It would receive...
  8. G

    Serissa Foetida leaves are brown (not crisp) and falling

    I got this Serissa for a month and a half, did a repoting, outside, got some hours of direct sun every day, soil always humid. My problem is that the leaves are getting brown-yellowish, not crisp and keep falling. What could be? Can I cut the yellow leaves to increase the growth of new ones?
  9. P

    Help! Dying Bonsai (Serissa) -- drying, crisp leaves

    I made a post here 2 weeks ago (photo included) : It has been 2 weeks since this last post and now my leaves are very dry and crisp. Should I remove the leaves? Trim in any form? It has gone through a lot of...
  10. P

    Help: Extremely stressed Serissa. Is there hope?

    Hello everyone, this is my first tree. It was gifted about 3 weeks ago, travelling from Portland, OR all the way down to southern California. The weather has been a huge shock. The first few days consisted of leaves dropping. About 2 weeks in, I noticed the leaves curling. I took it out a few...
  11. dirtysleazy

    Serissa browning crispy leaves

    My Serissa started turning its leaves brown, dry and crispy, and also started dropping leaves. I’ve read forums saying it’s either overwatered or underwatered. Which is of absolutely no help. I figured I would get a much better answer here. do I resume watering when the top dries? Do I let it...
  12. D

    Overwatered Serissa

    Please help me with my Serissa bonsai! Leaves are droopy and I’m not seeing any new growth either. I think I overwatered it, I cut off a tip of the branch and the inside is green so it’s alive, the plant is really sensitive and goes into shock easily. When should I resume watering? How can I...
  13. BlackAtom

    Serissa's trunk issue. Fungi? Mites?

    Hi guys! I just got a serissa from a garden centre yesterday. I got a few yellow leaves, which is normal from what I've read because it was just relocated. I used a toothpick to make sure the soil isn't too dry or too moist. Even got a humidifier next to it because my house isn't humid enough...
  14. A

    Help - Serissa Foetida

    My friend had this tree which was quite obviously dying, I have a bonsai tree that has done very well so I offered to repot and try to revive her Serissa, but now it has white fluff on the trunk - help!! Is this a loosing battle?
  15. Melospiza

    Winter blooms of dwarf Serissa and Yaupon Holly

    My dwarf Yaupon holly and dwarf Serissa 'Kyoto' are bringing some cheer during this Arctic cold snap with their snowy, star-like blossoms. Both are in a pre-bonsai stage, and I may try to work on them this coming growing season. The holly is a male, and I have no female companions for him, so no...
  16. legobonsaipianoman

    Serissa Foetida White Powder on the Soil and Trunk

    Hi everyone, I have a Serissa Foetida that I have had for about 2 or 3 months now. It was in horrible potting soil that held too much water, so I repotted it into some soil I made from fullers earth, perlite, and organics. The tree didn't have any of the white powder on it before I repotted...
  17. Darran

    New member new to Bonsai

    Hi, im new to Bonsai and this forum seemed a good place to start my learning curve. I live in the uk to give you an idea of what climate I’m in. I have wanted to get into Bonsai for some time, and my partner brought me a tree for Christmas, it would not have been my first choice as it’s a...
  18. G

    Serissa foetida variegata bonsai

    I purchased a Serissa foetida variegata 8 months ago and the leaves are turning brown on one side of the bonsai. I have placed it outside for indirect sunlight but the leaves continue to drop. I water it twice a week. I have subtropical soil mix. It is placed in the bathroom with humidity level...
  19. M

    Hopeful for serissa

    Hello I am currently trying to assist the revival of a Serissa Feotida which I believe has undergone some severe stress due to my lack of knowledge and understanding. At my workplace, I care for a 7 yr old serissa, which I repotted during late february as the tree was being eaten hy spider...
  20. B

    Need help with Serissa foetida

    Hello, I need help with my bonsai. The kind of tree is a Serissa foetida (Tree of a thousand stars). When I repotted it I soaked my tree for half an hour. Since repotting it’s leaves have dried out but none of them have fallen off and the soil turns bone dry everyday. I have been watering it...
  21. N

    Serissa Seeds, where to get hem from ?

    Hi, I am looking for a source to get Serissa foetida seeds from, does anyone know ? Ty
  22. S

    Fallen Serissa Kyoto

    I got a kyoto sport by mistake a couple of weeks ago and I was extremely worried that it would die on my watch. But it was actually doing very well (new growth, leaves weren't changing) Up until four days ago when the table it was on was knocked over, and it fell out of the pot. Since then some...
  23. Serissa sport

    Serissa sport

    Has anyone seen a series ska with very close internodes
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