1. Clicio

    Leatherback, me, and Brazilian Rain trees; a threesome.

    So sorry about the accent, but... Some people find it charming! lol @leatherback thanks for the opportunity to show parts of my garden. It is not finished yet, but the Rain Forest that surrounds it is worth my laziness! Watch here!
  2. E

    How do you water bonsai in a grow tent?

    I’m thinking of setting up a grow tent in my garage for my tropicals because my balcony is getting rather crowded with temperate trees. My only question for those of you who have a grow tent setup— how do you water without water pooling at the bottom. I know that this is probably not a very...
  3. B

    Bucida Spinosa repotting and new pedestal

    Hello fellow Nutters, I have this Bucida Spinosa that has been in development for a while, has a bit of a taper issue on that bottom right branch (the 2nd branch above it is thicker), but I have been working around that by letting the lower right keep most of its foliage and chopping back that...
  4. JuniperSol

    What I have learned about Escambron

    I am mainly starting this thread because I feel like there is not a ton of information out there on Escambrons, which I feel is a disservice to the species because of how wonderful they are to work with. I hope to share what I know, have I have learned, and let others contribute with their...
  5. JuniperSol

    I am pulling my hair out trying to figure out what is wrong with my Ficus

    I own eleven trees. All of them are doing well, prospering, growing, etc. BUT THIS FICUS DEAR GOSH! I only water when it needs, I have made sure it gets good light and not too much, it has been outside for weeks yet continues to lose foliage. I am out of ideas, help me Bonsai Nut, you're my only...
  6. grb

    Need Advice - Ficus Chop and Repot

    Hi nuts, I just bought this ficus (photos below) and I am looking to repot it, prune the roots (if needed), and possibly chop at the magenta line I am wondering though, is this chop too big? And will it rebud? I'll post all updates to this thread!
  7. R

    Grafting Oleander on Desert Rose?

    Hey Guys, i got pretty intrested in Desert Roses (Adenium) recently. I have read online that Oleander and Adenium are related and some people graft Desert Roses onto Oleander understocks. Now im curious if this would work the other way around too.. So that i could have a interesting looking...
  8. Clicio

    Duranta erecta aurea - Golden dewdrop bonsai, anyone?

    Duranta erecta aurea, also known in South America as "pingo de ouro" (Golden dewdrop), is a ornamental Bush growing in many streets and parks in São Paulo, as its leaves are a very bright color of green and the leaves are very small. Many people use them for bonsai. This one below is around the...
  9. Clicio

    It's time to post your best tropicals here!

    No hard rules. Just post your best tropical trees and give us the names of the species. I will start this thread with two favorites : Jabuticaba and Pitanga. First, the Jaboticaba (or Jabuticaba as we call it in Brazil), in a Shugo Izumi pot: Plinia cauliflora, the Brazilian grapetree...
  10. Clicio

    BRT_Nuts - Important info about Brazilian Raintree Cultivars

    For all of you that like Brazilian Rain Trees, after some research and info exchanges with @leatherback and others, I have found out that some BRT cultivars are really interesting. Maybe they are restricted to Brazil only, but I think this info below could help somehow. 1-) First a regular BRT...
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