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Delaware, OH
Hello all, this is my first post here @ Bonsai Nut!

I recently purchased my first bonsai, a 9 year old Juniper. I have been interested in bonsai for a long time, but due to a serious lack of green thumbs, never did anything for fear of killing the tree. After educating myself as best I can, I took the plunge.

Below is a picture of my new tree. I took this pic myself, following the suggestions outlined in a bonsai photography article I read online. Also attached is a full-sized image (1200x800).

Looking forward to participating in the forums!



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Welcome Zenshi!

I have to say that's a VERY good job with the photo... what are you shooting with? :)

I have no doubt you'll find a lot of good information here, and I hope you'll always feel free to drop me a note if ever I can be of help.

I do hope you are keeping the juniper outside... you've obviously been doing your homework, but that is something I always ask when someone's first tree is a juniper. :)

It looks to be extremely healthy at the moment, and I have no doubt that you'll do very well with. As you grow in confidence I encourage you to get some other trees as well... just so you have a variety of things to picque your interest.

At some point... years down the road... you'll look back at this photo and remember this time with a sense of nostalgia... because everything is a opportunity. As one progresses and advances in the study of bonsai, you find the field narrows as you learn those thing which lend themselves to more rapid development to your vision.


Kindets regards,

Hello Zenshi...Excellent photo and a very healthy tree.... If you stick with the art of bonsai long will see the unbelieveable beauty and reward that it has to offer..

I guess your journey begins with keeping your first tree healthy..Also, as Victrinia said, junpers are outdoor trees... There are a couple of things that need to be added to that statement though..These trees, given the fact that you have the 4 seasons, so to speak, in your area... should be kept outside from Spring to the end of Fall/beginning of winter. In winter, if your area gets cold, say 20's or lower, for extended periods of time, you would need to provide some protection. In a nutshell, when it is winter, this tree should be in a place where the temps range from 34-46 on average.

Also, if the tree is smaller, you would not want to leave it in extremely cold temps for very long periods of time.

I hope some of this was helpful.

I have to say that's a VERY good job with the photo... what are you shooting with? :)

Thanks for the kind welcome! I enjoy photography as another hobby, and this was shot with a Sony Alpha a-350 DSLR.

To address other concerns, yes, I am keeping the tree outside. The first day I brought it home it was kept indoors because it was about 25 degrees, but other than that one day, it has been outside. I keep the tree on a patio in the backyard, which receives full sun until about 2:00pm and then it is in the shade the hottest parts of the day. Typically I water the tree in the morning so that it has plenty to drink while in the sun. I live in Ohio, and winters here can get very cold. I will keep the tree in the garage during winter months to allow a safe dormancy period.

There are other trees on my radar. I would love to get a Japanese Maple, San Jose Juniper, and a Japanese Black Pine.
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There was no doubt in my mind that you were shooting DSLR... Your set-up worked great. I also do a lot of photography... :D I have a Canon 40D with some very nice glass.... :cool:

Sounds like you've done some good homework... :) JBP is always a great choice... Maples too... I have no doubt both would do well where you are. Have you connected with any clubs yet? You should... also Dale Cochoy (who is one hot potter as well as bonsai guy) is also from Ohio... you should pm him. :)

Buy a JBP tree already started... but if you ever want, I would be happy to send you a couple youngsters to play with. They are growing strong but their just turning 3... so they are ready to have some movement put into them etc... growing them in the ground would be best though.

Let me know...

Cool...always great to meet another shutterbug!

As for clubs, yes there is one in my area that seems to meet on a regular basis, the Columbus Bonsai Society. I'm hoping to go to the monthly meeting in a couple weeks and rub some elbows.

Thanks for the offer on the JBP. I have a major landscaping project going on in the backyard right now, and I'm hoping to make room for a small bonsai collection by adding some monkey poles. Once that is complete, I'll be looking to add a couple more trees. I will certainly keep you in mind!
I love photography almost as much as bonsai... so when I get to combine them... I am one happy camper. ;)

I recently completed a project led by another friend of mine here, grouper52, to do a biography of my teacher's life and work... and that was very cool, except that it took almost a year of shooting to get it done. Watching the guys play with trees while I was shooting was TOUGH. lol But it was worth it... it should be out this fall.

Glad to hear you are going to get connected... that will help a LOT.

We look forward to meeting you at the next meeting!
Bring your tree and we will give you advice.

It looks like you already have some decent granular soil, unless that is just a top dressing.
Looking forward to making the next meeting!

That is just top dressing. The tree is planted in "Boon's Mix" soil.
Hey guys, I too enjoy photography.. In fact, Zenshi, u are from Delaware, OH? I have some pics of eagles around the Delaware Res.. I take a lot of raptor photography.. Look me up at facebook Don Hanson (Wheeling, WV)
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