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Does anyone have experience with Logwood (Haematoxylum campechianum)? I have wanted one for some time but wonder if they are particularly difficult. Do they branch out on old wood readily? I have not been able to find any for sale but recently have seen one on ebay that is in need of a lot of developing. Does anyone know of any good sources? Thanks.
I don't think you're going to find a decent one on the mainland U.S. This is a tropical species that isn't common in the trade here.

If you're buying on Ebay, pay particular attention to where the tree is coming from. Importation laws are strict. Most of the logwood I've seen there are being grown in tropical countries, Puerto Rico in particular. I don't know the importation regulations from there, but I would be very surprised if a quarrantine period or an outright ban is in place...
Check out Wigert's Bonsai <www.wigertsbonsai.com> They're a good source for tropical material.

I'm only a recent customer of Wigert's, but I plan to be a repeat customer. No complaints whatever about their material or their service. I've discussed them with a few others, and everyone I've talked to speaks well of them also.

They also, from all I hear, are willing to answer questions over the phone if you wonder about a given species. That said, keep in mind that it's a smallish operation: if you have a lot of questions, I'd set up a time to call and get your answers.
Thank you for the advice everyone. I will watch out for where the seller is located to avoid a lengthy quarantine. Wigert's has a nice site with a good selection of tropicals, thanks for the recommendation. I found an article on the website about Logwood and it answered most of my questions. The book Bonsai in Your Home has a lovely specimen Logwood on page 132 which initially peaked my interest in the species a number of years ago.
no, give erik or his wife a call and tell them what you are looking for... don't have telephone number handy, but it is on the web site <www.wigertsbonsai.com>. He has some very large ones... I was just there, I ended up going with a buttonwood instead. He has a friend in Puerto Rico who collects them, he is always getting new shipments in. Also, funny enough I know he was giving a Campeche (logwood) workshop this morning at the Bonsai Society of Florida 2011 convention. Ryan Neil was there doing a buttonwood and juniper workshop. I was not there, I sadly was a work....
Here is the Logwood I ended up with. It was the one that I was initially looking at buying and it does need a lot of development. The chop has not healed well and I am thinking about cleaning it up with concave cutters to try to promote healing over if possible. Hopefully a strong leader will shoot up from the cut and I can develop a continuation of the trunk and form a top third of the tree.


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well stacy allen muse if i lived near that nursery,you wouldn't be able to keep me out of it.That has to be the nicest bonsai website i have ever seen...even saw 2 old friends: ficus natalensis + ingens...
umeboshi, I like the tree, not sure how well these trees heal over... sometimes I find with a lot of trop. that one has to carve it in, forming a hole.
what are your plans for the style
Here is what I envision the tree looking like. When you say forming a hole, do you mean a permanent one or just that tropicals usually require extra carving to get a flush heal?


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O my gosh, Ive been looking for a tree like this for like forever! Ive attached two pics of what I mean.the top blue seen in both pics will have to be cut away. then the black hollowed out like a rip occurring when either lightning has made it explode /wind ripped the tree/elephants has been eating it etc. and then the feature I love in naturally scarred trees- use the scars Ive blackened and hollow them out, forming a hole through the tree!Like when a large tree limb has been cut off, the centre rots out?
Let me know what you think of the idea


you my boet have marula sickness.i have just planted some + i think they might be able to fulfill your fantasy.the leaves are probably too big + long but we'll see.This winter is terrible isn't it??
Yes.. It killed almost all my trees due to a frost when I wasnt home for a week (studying at univ), Ill have to start over since they are all dead to groundlevel
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