new here. need some help please.

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hello all.
firstly, i tried to post this two days ago without luck assuming things happen faster than that here goes again.
i'm rather new to all of this, having taken interest in bonsai late last summer this is my first proper growing season.
in the early summer a larger boxwood i picked up had an infestation, unfortunately i have no photos of the insects. i sprayed with a typical insecticide, and later with neem oil. there doesn't seem to be any signs of insects now (certainly not the very visible jumping things i had seen).
the tree, however, isn't doing too well. many new buds have browned and died, some leaves have yellowed, then darkened and died. other leaves are curled or wrinkled (perhaps this is before they yellow...)?
also, there are grey/whitish sort of flakes on some leaves. these could be deposits from the neem or dead insects i guess. anyway, i've added some photos which i hope are more succinct than all these words.
any help would be greatly appreciated.
i hope a resolution is more obvious to you folks than me.
thanks in advance.
hello again.
sorry that both my posts finally came through, i honestly thought that i had messed up my first attempt. i was hoping for more response than this though (nothing yet).
is there nobody around here with a suggestion?
were my photos usesless? i'd like more than anyting to get this tree healthy before the cold comes around.
i'd appreciate any thoughts, or criticism, if that's what's needed.
Andrea, welcome to the forum. I don't have a lot of experience with boxwood -- there are others here with more. Two general questions, tho:

If you don't mind saying, where are you? I ask because location tells us something of your climate and growing conditions, and helps us offer more focused advice.

Second, what species of boxwood is this? Off-hand, it doesn't look like common box to me.
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