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Looking for a watering bulb. I have seen them referenced in books and used in a bonsai video. Used to think they were pointless, uncontrolled, held too little water. Now as I am watering more inside I think I could appreciate the petite spray they could afford. Initial searches bring up the watering tips that screw onto plastic bottles. I have one and foresee the cited problems of the bottle always cracking. Unfortunately when I bought it I did not realize the only thing that uses soda bottle threading is soda bottles. Any links or ideas appreciated.
Just use the top from a dishwashing liquid soap bottle ( Dawn, Palmolive, etc). They thread onto soda bottles/water bottles just fine.

They work, and when they wear out, toss em.
Or, go to the cooking supply store and buy a turkey baster.
But the reason I want a plant specific one is that it has a rose on the end. Most of my watering cans have no rose and no one really sells replacement ones. The dish soap lid is good to know that the thread matches but looking for something with a gentle pattern.

FWIW, I've also seen professionals using these rubber balls - the secret to use them efficiently is that you need two: While irrigating with one of them, you throw the other into the water container so that it refills again.

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A two litre Coke bottle, drill a bunch of little holes in the top, Voila, watering container. Use it every day, and replace the plastic bottle maybe every 8 to 9 months. Bunch of trees make a few.:p
Waiting on a reply to see if Nature'sway has them. As I have started using the bottle top one I am really liking it. At least my family drinks a fair amount of soda (diet) and I will have access to the bottles. Unfortunately even these appear less available. Joebonsai only has one size now and the rest appear to be in England.


As for replacement roses it must be a conspiracy. Or just becoming one of those things you don't lose. Even the cheap watering cans used to come with a slip off rose but I'm sure there was massive loss and theft so now virtually none of the ones at the big stores have roses at all. I already tried to adapt the bottle topper to my 3/4 gal. metal can but gave up short of the duct tape. Maybe I'll just order a pocket full of the Joebonsai ones.

Edit: I guess most are made in England, more searching and they are available else where. Maybe I'll try drilling the holes in the lid too but would be skeptic of it having the same flow.
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Oh, fair price for a 4 pack and free shipping. I think I will be picking up a pack of these. Still looking for the bulb though. I looked through my Harry Tomlinson books as he was the one I had seen in the video and I am certain I have a picture somewhere. But it must be in one of my other books and I just don't have the time to go looking through them.
I did get the ones linked above. The are a very "economy" product. So while I do like them I would suggest ordering a couple of them. They feel very thin but when screwing them on you realize they are just a little rubbery. I have taken to using them as I am transplanting seedlings right now. I need to get a 2 liter bottle as a 20 oz. is only good for a plant or two. I believe I will look for the crease spot and wrap with duct tape to stop the breaking.

I hope I can still find an actual bulb some day but these will do for now.
i been using the same one from dallas bonsai (one on the left with the the pink colored rose spray) http://www.dallasbonsai.com/store/SN97-bonsai-supply-Watering-Nozzle.html. i forgot where i got it but i just bought that rose spray. i grow indoors and imo, the size of this spray is perfect for indoor watering. i have been using it for 4 years for fertilizing, no leaks, crack or chips.

hope that helps
Bottle top Waterers

I used to think these where just a gimmick until I saw a guy using one at a workshop. It made alot of sense for certain situations like a workshop. Especially since I had just spent 20 minutes dragging my tree to a hose that had no attachment on the end and walked away with wet shoes and top :rolleyes: Great for indoor watering or a few shohin maybe.
I bought a heap of them and sold them on ebay. Still have about a hundred left over for club and friends.

Sorry Guys I missed page 2. You have already talked about these. I didn't get the 4 pack but the single fine rose waterer and I found the quality OK there was a tiny drip leak around the rose edge but I found it very solid in screwing onto any bottle I tried.
Those larger ones from Dallas look great I might have to try one of those.
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Well let's just turn this into the official bottle top waterer thread. I already had one of the teal/pink ones like the Dallas Bonsai link. And while it is a sturdy product I still like the other ones better. And it is the same reason why I wanted the actual watering bulb. On the larger looking piece the neck from bottle to sprayer is the width of the bottle mouth. To get a decent spray you have to squeeze pretty good and you empty the bottle real quick. With the multi-pack you can see that they screw on, then neck down to the sprayer head. This increases the velocity of the water allowing a strong spray without as much squeeze or the same volume of water. I have been using mine to water in seedling transplants and did the two sprayers side by side. The necked-down sprayer made the bottle last considerably longer. Which for a 20 oz. bottle, that's pretty good.
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