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on the IL-WI border, a mile from ''da Lake''
Display #5 - the Kusamono, or perhaps the more correct term is Sanyasou - meaning a mixed grass and herb planting shown for enjoyment of the planting as the focal point of the display. The plants in the Sanyasou are ferns with a spotted leaf herb, which might be a nice small begonia. That is a lovely, well grown, obviously many seasons old Kusamono. They are forest floor dwelling species, the scroll sets the location as somewhere in the mountains, in or near the forest.

Some of the classifications of Kusamono
Shitakusa - is a kusamono displayed as subordinate to the main tree. The tallest part of the Shitakusa should be lower than the deck of the stand the main tree is being displayed upon. Generally used to set the location and time of year for the tree being displayed. Forest ferns, set location as forest floor, green sets as summer. Small flowering shrub like Chojubai, sets as late winter and forest edge or open field depending on other accents and stands chosen. Bamboo planting would set time as summer, and generally a field, or river edge.

Sanyasou - this is a Kusamono displayed as the focal point of the display. There usually is no bonsai tree in the display with the Sanyasou. These can pretty much be any width and any height. Normally a mixed planting of multiple species, and can include woody tree species. Blooming and non blooming herbs. Normally a grass is the dominant species. Usually selected to emphasize a theme or a time of year.

All categories can be referred to by the more generic, or inclusive name, Kusamono.
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Very nice displays.
All could be improved with changing the display table and scroll sizes. Some too small, some too large. But I understand display table and scroll sizes are limited to availability.
Today my evaluation:
First Prize No. 4
Second Prize No. 1
Third Prize No. 6

HOWEVER, someone refined display No. 3 in posting 30, by removing item and shifting items a little. This would be my favorite, today. Everything is in proportion, right size tree, container, display table, hanging scroll and accessory

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