1. SandSquid

    Copper Beech Rescue

    I've seen others make a sort of docu-blog on a specific project they're working on, so figured I'd try it out. So, I have this copper beech. I got the tree from a small Bonsai supply and nursery in Seattle a little over a month ago. I went there looking for a deciduous tree to work on and saw...

    Tricolor Beech development and re-potting

    I have one European beech that I got from a nursery last spring that i did a partial defoliation. I also cut back some of the leggy growth at the same time and the tree responded well by back budding in a few places. The issue that I had with that tree was the leaves where very yellow looking so...
  3. A

    Yamadori Beech

    Just collected this yamadori beech. Really easy collect and tons of small fine roots. Kind of in doubt of how i should prune and style this? Any advise? :)
  4. proninyaroslav

    Young branches of European beech dry up during the overwintering

    In October I bought a European beech from a friend, the tree came to me in the mailbox (in the literal sense :) ). This is the yamadori he dug up two years ago. In general, the tree looked good and healthy, the only one it was planted in a fairly moisture-absorbing soil (a mixture of compost...
  5. W

    In ground root training?

    Over View - My family owns a large plot of land in central Ohio. Beech, hornbeam, oak , redbud. ERC, several pine . There are several stands of beech trees. I want to start the process of collecting several trees. With the larger trees say 2in plus thick truck. I have given several the chop a...
  6. Gottibonsai

    Fagus forest design sketch

    Hi guys, today I want to share you my beech bonsai forest project. Now it is not a forest at all, just some fagus tree that I let in that pot to grow during the last year. From the forest I copied on my drawing a medium size tree on the left and two of the tree major trees from the actual...
  7. Catclow

    Purple Beech Yamadori

    I have had my eye on these for months since they first popped up in a drainage ditch at the edge of the woods near my home. I think they are purple beech, but please advise if I’m wrong. They are my first [actual] attempt at yamadori (though I have dreamed and plotted many others over the last...
  8. parhamr

    Fagus sylvatica progression

    I’ve been working on this tree since June 2014. I think I’m working on an informal upright globe/flame sort of style. I’m inspired by Andrew Robson’s amazing beech. I have many years to go before this is show ready ;) As I bought it from Portland Nursery for about $12 in a 4" pot 2015 in a...
  9. T

    European Beech Tricolor...Broken in half

    Hey guys, I recently went to pick up an order from home depot and saw this beech broken in half. I inquired and they gave it to me for free. A few questions. Should I saw it a few inches lower so it is a clean wound? Should I apply cut paste? it looks like the trunk is thicker where it was...
  10. MaineBonsaiEnthusiast

    Giant American Beech yamadori

    Hey Everyone, I pulled this monster out yesterday and I'm looking for advice. I wasn't able to collect as many roots as I had hoped so I'm curious what you would do moving forward. Biggest questions are whether I should tent it, and should I reduce any of the small/less significant branching...
  11. t_fareal

    My European Beech

    This is my European Beech... I got it in February but i just wanted to watch how it grows, how it likes to eat, what type of light/wind does it like before i started hacking and chopping at it.. I feel comfortable enough now to begin moving forward but i have a few questions (to start)... 1...
  12. GreatLakesBrad

    American Beech - no likey literati?

    My girlfriend has heard me drone on about my love for the american beech and how I’d love one in my collection. An early xmas present arrived today. Fagus Grandifolia! So incredibly excited (also have several scoped out for collection in spring) ... however, I’m not sold on the literati approach...
  13. Fishtank307

    Beech forest

    Yesterday I made this forest of 15 European beech saplings. I'm pretty pleased with the result so far, still needs some guy wires here and there. Also, the trunks were almost all the same thickness. I'll probably add a few seedlings when I repot it and maybe take out 2 or 3 'bigger' trees...
  14. Aiki_Joker

    Beech (Sylvatica) & Hornbeam (Betulus) Thread Grafting

    Background A month or so ago I began exploring the potential for thread grafting these two 'similar' spp. Scroll down to see the graft and spare the interpretation/justification of this futility! :p:D:p I soon found out that these visually similar spp. are in fact completely different. Genus...
  15. ConorDash

    European Beech

    A European Beech I got from Bobby. Fairly established in its pot, I am waiting till next year to repot so I can chop this year. Its a good size, nice little base and movement in its trunk which I will increase upon with chop and grow. Leaves look nice... Then I cut its head off...
  16. Andrew Robson

    Large European Beech

    The most recent tree that my father and I purchased is this massive European Beech. The tree was delivered today by John Muth of Bonsai Northwest, who I purchased the tree from. John has had the tree for about 10 years, and prior to that it was grown in the ground by one of his students for...
  17. Andrew Robson

    Beech forest in the making

    Deciduous trees are slow to create. Unlike a yamadori conifer, which can be designed in as little as a day, deciduous trees are designed and built slowly over a long period of time. Here is a Japanese Beech forest that I started almost 3 years ago. I wasn't in the habit of taking pictures...
  18. S

    American beech (Fagus grandifolia) collecting and as bonsai

    I am considering trying to collect an American beech this spring to work on. They are one of my favorite trees and are readily available. It should be much quicker than trying to grow from seed. I would like to know if others have had success collecting and training American beech and are...
  19. Mihai

    European beech yamadori

    Hello guys! I'm pretty new to this forum and today I just got my first yamadori. It's european beech. Just brought it home and put it in a pot with soil from the site it was found. I'm not certain how to proceed. Should I cut back the roots and change the soil and pot to a bonsai soil and a...
  20. Shan Anand

    Visit to Monastery of the Holy Spirit, GA

    Merry Christmas, folks! Visited this place a couple of months ago to check out their Bonsai collection, pots they had and was not disappointed at all.. Here are some pics from the visit.
  21. Pacific Rim Bonsai Collection

    Pacific Rim Bonsai Collection

    Bonsai Artist: Mr. Kazuhiro Ohashi Species: Japanese Beech (Fagus crenata 'Fuji') Traditions and Transitions - Arts of the Earth This unique display combining the art of pottery, with the art of bonsai, was put on by the Weyerhaeuser Company. The curator for the Pacific Rim Bonsai...
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