1. pandacular

    Dumpster Trees

    On a walk through my neighborhood, I found three little seedlings, bursting with new growth, shoved haphazardly into a 4" nursery pot, sitting on a dumpster. I did what I had to do and took them home with me (I left the succulent and monstera cuttings for someone else). Upon repotting them, I...
  2. Ferg91

    Can anyone identify this tree/shrub/bush/plant?

    I got some seeds from Etsy that stated these were juniper. Doesn’t look like any pictures of juniper.
  3. tinyzigzag

    Weird husk thing attached to one of my Brazilian Rain Tree's branches, any ideas what it is?

    It's oval shaped, one side rounds off and is closed while the other side has an opening. I assume some insect or something made it? Does anyone recognize it? It was attached pretty securely but I managed to remove it without harming the branch.
  4. Ferg91

    Identifying this bonsai

    I have no idea what this is it may even just be a blade of grass. does anyone know what this could be?
  5. G

    Help with type of Maple

    Hi all! There is a large maple I am in the process of buying with the plans of creating a very large bonsai but myself and the nursery I’m getting it from are not 100% sure what type it is. The leaves are those of the paper bark and there are areas where it is flakey and coming off but the...
  6. Z

    Maple identify

    Hello I have been lurking on the forum reading information for a while but never posted. Until I found these guys wondering if anyone can confirm what it is as the plaque on this park tree is blank (interesting foreign maples in canada area) from weathering..they were only 2 growing next to each...
  7. E


    Hi all! 😊 I got a bonsai tree for my birthday from my brother but he said the shop assistant couldn’t tell what kind of bonsai tree it was. Could any of you guys help me out with identifying it please? Would mean a lot. Also open to tips on how to keep it and care for it but I will do the...
  8. Clorgan

    ID for my Japanese Maple?

    Been looking for one to plant at the end of my garden. Found this really cheap at a family run nursery and snapped it up as it was the only one. Unfortunately the only bloke working had no idea - his answer was 'I think it's some sort of acer' 😂 lovely bloke mind. Ideally I'd have known the ID...
  9. proninyaroslav

    Help identify trees

    Hello everyone! I have two trees, maybe someone knows what are these species? 1) Young shoots are red, with slight pubescence like a felt 2) (Bird cherry?) Shoots slightly pubescent with short hairs
  10. pdfig

    Please help identify this mystery tree

    Hello fellow bonsai lovers, I have a mystery species it would be great to help identify. This was purchased from Chikugo-en Bonsai Nursery in Gardena, CA in January 2019 (see picture below right after purchase). It was purchased during winter and is deciduous, so no leaves at time of purchase...
  11. A

    Need help identifying Chinese Elm (Ulmus Parvifolia) or Siberian Elm (Ulmus Pumila).

    Hi guys, my name is Afnan, I'm from Malaysia. I'm very new here in Bonsai Nut. I need help identifying the elm below in pictures, is that Chinese Elm (Ulmus Parvifolia) or Siberian Elm (Ulmus Pumila)? Thanks in advance.
  12. A

    I have no idea what I’m doin...😅 Help?

    Hey everyone! I’m a total noob at everything Bonsai. My husband bought me one a few years back and I’ve been “taking care” of it. But then I realized I have no idea what I am actually doing. - I have no idea what kind of tree it is - I have no idea how to trim/shape it - I have no idea if...
  13. SeedlingMeg

    Identifying a Bonsai

    Hi all, Last year I received some great advice on a Chinese Elm Bonsai on this forum and I’m forever grateful for the help! I’ve been learning more about Bonsais and have fallen in love! Recently I’ve been gifted another Bonsai (I think from a generic garden centre) and can’t seem to place...
  14. M

    New to Bonsai, new tree

    Hello all! I've done a little research on Bonsai and recently went to a nursery and picked up a maple for $20. The lady who sold it to me just said it was a maple, I think we had a language barrier. I cut it down a bit but was looking for some advice on next steps for this tree. Should I...
  15. L


    Hi, I'm new to bonsai trees and have no experience with them whatsoever. My father just brought me home this bonsai and I'm trying to look up some information on care etc. However I have no idea what kind of tree it is, there was no tag or anything with it just the price and 'small bonsai'...
  16. bhunsai

    New Seedling here, would love help to identify :D

    New Seedling here, would love help to identify these two i have here. named "Garuda" (the tall one, eagle) and "Kurma" (the small one, turtle) I bought these guys after a fair bit of thought went into purchasing a bonsai for my birthday, buuuut the owner had a tonne of them (100-150) and didn't...
  17. Forest Bean

    Help? Unidentifiable Collection

    I collected this tree in the Clarksburg and Fairmont area of West Virginia. Lots of hills and mountains. I really have no clue what species it is. I have been searching all over the internet for something close to it. Lots of Beech grow where I dug it up, but I know it's not beech. The new...
  18. Danielm

    Help with identifying

    Hi all I was given this little beauty but can’t find any reference to it’s strange leaf? Any ideas on how to make it ‘full’ would be great too Sorry about the use of the bag tie ?
  19. J

    Need help identifying these Junipers

    Hello everyone, I recently got into bonsai and it has changed the way I see the world, there's so much potential everywhere I look. I'm simply amazed at what you all do. I've been looking around for material and found these on a discount shelf at a nursery, but they had no labels and the lady...
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