1. C

    My Dad was trained by Jim Smith - POT ID Help

    Hey Everyone, New to the forum. Quick History. Grew up in Melbourne FL, my dad, J Gillis Courson (Gil) was trained in Vero by Jim Smith. They became good friends, I remember hanging out at Jim's nursery as a child while Jim and my Dad worked. He was also a photojournalist for the Florida Today...
  2. I

    Ceramics enthusiast, new to bonsai and have pot questions.

    Hello! I am a newbie to bonsai and have become quite addicted. As someone who is also interested and experienced in ceramics, I'm getting more and more fascinated by bonsai pots, infact I would love to make my own. However I know very little about bonsai pots (besides the selection process for...
  3. T

    Where to look at quality pots for inspiration and find dimensions?

    Basically working with someone who is great with ceramics and they're willing to teach me about it as we both try and learn bonsai pots. I'd use my pots but most of mine are quite cheap ones until I get better/build nicer trees. So yea looking for advice on things like wall thickness, I've read...
  4. M

    Does pot shape matter?

    I have a 10 month old ficus benghalensis as well as a 10 month old ficus religiosa. I'm trying to work on developing their radial roots and wanted to know if the shape of the pot matters (round vs rectangular vs square)? I'm assuming round is best for developing even radial roots?
  5. R

    Pond baskets, Nebari, and Fast Growth

    Hello! I want to develop my trees quickly, so I have them in large pond baskets. I also want to develop the nebari but the pond baskets are deep and large so I can grow the trunk. What can I do to develop the nebari in the baskets at the same time as the trunks? Thanks in advance for your help!
  6. R

    How do I figure out the size of a grow pot?

    I want to develop the Prebonsai I am starting bonsái with as fast as I can and I can’t plant it in the ground. I have read that pots that are too large can cause problems, so I was wondering how I can figure out what the ideal pot size for growing Prebonsai is. Is there a way to calculate it...
  7. N

    Newbie Here - Potting Question...

    I have a Australian Willow that I will be potting as soon as there is more root. What would be the best size and shape to put in. new root goes up about 4". PIC BELOW Thank You in advance
  8. M

    Looking for vending opportunities

    I am a bonsai Potter specializing in stoneware for shohin,mame and kusamono. I am based in Ohio. I am looking for vending opportunities for 2023. If you are a show chair or organizer,let me know.
  9. V

    Painting inside of bonsai pots

    Been stusying Bonsai for 4 months now. I have 8 indoor trees and plan on creating bonsai pots of my own, using cement. I see videos on youtube of people making them with molds and wiring. At the end they paint them of course. The inside of the pot as well. I keep wondering what kind of paint...
  10. arbonsaiart

    Discover Potters: Now Live. Discover almost 300 active bonsai potters worldwide.

    Hello everyone! First time posting and I'm excited to share with you all my latest project, 'Discover Potters' on my website arbonsaiart.com! ‘Discover Potters’ is a free online resource for the bonsai community to discover active bonsai potters worldwide! Whether you’re looking to support your...
  11. chuckwc1

    Raised Vietnamese style pots

    Hello everyone. I've been thinking of planting one of my Root over Rock Schlefferas into a raised pot in a style like the photo attached. Right now, that linked pot is the only one in that style I've been able to find, but the pot is plastic and not exactly what I'm looking for. Does anyone know...
  12. mwar15

    Custom (Hybrid Organic Slab) pots for order

    I have finally got caught up on pots. I’ve discovered the style of pot for somebody that doesn’t want a slab and doesn’t want a traditional pot. It’s somewhere in between. The pots below are somewhat of an example. I can do any shape or size of the footprint. I can go different heights on the...
  13. palafr01

    Pot ID

    Just a quick post. I purchased this pot with some others at an antique store during the summer and was wondering if anyone recognized the makers mark on the bottom. My initial search was unsuccessful, but I'm fairly certain someone here is familiar with the maker. (Note the initials are "LV").
  14. N

    Ivan Watters pots

    Hello, I recently purchased a storage unit at a auction. I belive it contains Ivan's pots from the closing of his store. This is because all of the pots are wrapped in news papers dating 2005, witch I belive is when his store closed and there are boxes of business records from his shop. I have...
  15. M

    Fan shaped pot- Trees in unusal styles of pots?

    My wife recently purchased me a new pot as a gift, however it is a pot I would consider an unusual shape. What kind of style of tree would you put in a fan shaped pot (arched pot)? Does anyone have any examples of trees in a fan shaped pot? Wakazura bonsai is the name of the company I got...
  16. J

    Is this a Nick Lenz pot?

    This pot is unsigned but very much like another signed Nick Lenz pot that I have. I was wondering if anyone has seen other pots of his like this one. I got it in the mid 80s, possibly from his studio but I'm not sure. The several other pots that I have were definitely acquired at his studio in...
  17. K

    Trays as forest/penjing/rock planting pots?

    Hey guys:), I was wondering if (humidity) trays could be used as forest planting pots, as they are much cheaper. Many forest planting pots are extremely shallow and the only differences I see are the holes in the bottom and the feet allowing for better drainage. By drilling holes into the trays...
  18. K

    Pots with holes and pots with no holes

    I recently bought a few used pots, but they don't have any drainage holes in them. What are your opinions on that? Must one always have holes or do people sometimes use pots without holes? If so, in which cases? Thanks, I'm new :)
  19. Rivian

    Glazed round ceramic for shohin broomstyle/upright carpinus

    Never bought a pot before but now I want one and I kinda had an idea for a round pot, normal in height to diameter ratio, diameter 12 - 15cm, glazed, probably the edge convex in profile, if you know what I mean? And light-ish green color like this But this one is curved towards the inside, I...
  20. Shoshin

    Non food grade glazes

    Is there any info out there regarding glazes for pots and if non food grade is ok for bonsai?
  21. NewtotheArt

    Best Websites for Pots?

    In my search for some handmade pots, Im not able to find many good websites that offer a wide range of pots. I prefer handmade/higher-end pots that are the one-of-a-kind type, not so much production pots. I’m still new to Bonsai but there are some incredible pots that I’ve came across. I just...
  22. Gsquared

    Latest slab pots

    Been working hard in the studio for the last few months. Here are some of the pots I’ve been making. Still working on a website, but if you see anything you like, PM me. I did a lot of nerikomi pots this fall. Using 4 different clay bodies blended together. In the US and UK it is often...
  23. GreatLakesBrad

    Pot enhancement

    Received a gift from my girlfriend’s (gotta be fiancé soon 🤔) parents for Xmas. Her mother works for a landscape supply company and gets materials at cost (!). Hoffman’s bonsai soil is in their list (small particle size and apparently not the best) ... and apparently so are pots. “Michael Carr...
  24. L

    Some questions regarding quality and unconventional shapes

    Hi all, I've been practicing making planters in my little pottery studio and I'm a little bit obsessed with forms that almost look like they could be naturally formed. Here is some examples of what I've made: I wanted to ask all you bonsai professionals, what determines quality for you in...
  25. Gsquared

    The kiln gods have been kind...for the most part.

    This summer was productive in the pot making Dept. Tried out some new ideas and some interpretations of classic styles. Sorry, that last dragon cascade I’m keeping. For now at least. . .
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