1. M

    Fan shaped pot- Trees in unusal styles of pots?

    My wife recently purchased me a new pot as a gift, however it is a pot I would consider an unusual shape. What kind of style of tree would you put in a fan shaped pot (arched pot)? Does anyone have any examples of trees in a fan shaped pot? Wakazura bonsai is the name of the company I got...
  2. J

    Is this a Nick Lenz pot?

    This pot is unsigned but very much like another signed Nick Lenz pot that I have. I was wondering if anyone has seen other pots of his like this one. I got it in the mid 80s, possibly from his studio but I'm not sure. The several other pots that I have were definitely acquired at his studio in...
  3. K

    Trays as forest/penjing/rock planting pots?

    Hey guys:), I was wondering if (humidity) trays could be used as forest planting pots, as they are much cheaper. Many forest planting pots are extremely shallow and the only differences I see are the holes in the bottom and the feet allowing for better drainage. By drilling holes into the trays...
  4. K

    Pots with holes and pots with no holes

    I recently bought a few used pots, but they don't have any drainage holes in them. What are your opinions on that? Must one always have holes or do people sometimes use pots without holes? If so, in which cases? Thanks, I'm new :)
  5. Rivian

    Glazed round ceramic for shohin broomstyle/upright carpinus

    Never bought a pot before but now I want one and I kinda had an idea for a round pot, normal in height to diameter ratio, diameter 12 - 15cm, glazed, probably the edge convex in profile, if you know what I mean? And light-ish green color like this But this one is curved towards the inside, I...
  6. Shoshin

    Non food grade glazes

    Is there any info out there regarding glazes for pots and if non food grade is ok for bonsai?
  7. NewtotheArt

    Best Websites for Pots?

    In my search for some handmade pots, Im not able to find many good websites that offer a wide range of pots. I prefer handmade/higher-end pots that are the one-of-a-kind type, not so much production pots. I’m still new to Bonsai but there are some incredible pots that I’ve came across. I just...
  8. Gsquared

    Latest slab pots

    Been working hard in the studio for the last few months. Here are some of the pots I’ve been making. Still working on a website, but if you see anything you like, PM me. I did a lot of nerikomi pots this fall. Using 4 different clay bodies blended together. In the US and UK it is often...
  9. Brad in GR

    Pot enhancement

    Received a gift from my girlfriend’s (gotta be fiancé soon 🤔) parents for Xmas. Her mother works for a landscape supply company and gets materials at cost (!). Hoffman’s bonsai soil is in their list (small particle size and apparently not the best) ... and apparently so are pots. “Michael Carr...
  10. L

    Some questions regarding quality and unconventional shapes

    Hi all, I've been practicing making planters in my little pottery studio and I'm a little bit obsessed with forms that almost look like they could be naturally formed. Here is some examples of what I've made: I wanted to ask all you bonsai professionals, what determines quality for you in...
  11. Gsquared

    The kiln gods have been kind...for the most part.

    This summer was productive in the pot making Dept. Tried out some new ideas and some interpretations of classic styles. Sorry, that last dragon cascade I’m keeping. For now at least. . .
  12. rollwithak

    Humble Seedling Beginnings - Knowledge Requested

    Hello Nutties..... Check out these seedlings that I have acquired!!! I'm not sure on the rules about promoting sites so for now I'll leave it alone where I purchased from. I know that many advanced Bonsai students just go for the thick trunks, but as I've stated in other posts, my love for...
  13. S

    Target Soil Moisture Level for Juniper Procumbens nana

    Hello, I am new to bonsai growing and want to make sure that I am doing everything right for my bonsai. I am 99% sure that is a Juniper Procumbens nana. I just bought the bonsai for my desk at work and realized that the pot does not have a hole in the bottom to let excess water out. I am going...
  14. Afasnacht83

    Changing pots? (Portulacaria afra)

    Hi! I’ve just gotten a new cutting from a few months ago and I’m looking to let it grow out for a while so i can maybe (hopefully) begin the process of turning it into a bonsai. This is my first plant ever so I’m very very new to the game. I have him in a bit of a small pot right now, but it’s...
  15. Gsquared

    Big thank you to American Bonsai Ceramics

    A big thank you to @thams for including me on his American Bonsai Ceramics site. I’m really honored to be included with all these great potters. If you haven’t seen the site, do, it is really inspiring to see all the fantastic bonsai pots that are being made in the US. And now for a little...
  16. Gsquared

    Here be dragons...

    Three new pots in the works. Two dragons and an ex-dragon. The first one came through bisque firing with flying colors. Now in for the second firing. The other two are slow drying.
  17. cockroach

    the Mother Load -Warehouse Full of Pots

    I was going around last week looking for some pots and was pointed towards a shop I thought was a run of the mill small nursery with a few larger pots for pot plants outside. When I got there I realized the store, although only about 6m (18ft) wide, was very deep and double story. It was filled...
  18. Gsquared

    Any thoughts on this old pot?

    I found this pot at an antique show last year. Snagged it at a very reasonable price. I knew it was older Japanese and figure it is from the Meiji period. But that is about all I know. I did see a similar one on EBay that had to be by the same kiln and probably artists too—the shape and painting...
  19. Gsquared

    Hunger Games: A creative solution

    What do you do when you have a colonoscopy the next day and haven’t eaten in 24 hours and are done with your last last dose of Moviprep (an evil substance if ever there was one) and just can’t take another food commercial on TV? Make bonsai pots of course! Just some little kusamono pots since...
  20. Clicio

    Terracota pots - They dry faster

    There is a myth around here that terracota pots (for seedlings, saplings and training plants) are way better than plastic pots. My observation so far is: Given pots with the same size, draining holes and volume, with the same substrate and plants inside, but plastic X terracota = terracota dries...
  21. syon_r

    Drilling Extra Drainage Holes in Pot

    I just received this awesome Thor Holvila bonsai pot in the mail, but it only has one tiny drainage hole. I don’t have pictures yet, but you can see the hole in the second to last picture here: http://thorholvila.tictail.com/product/palm-size-1708-13-xxx. It would offer barely any drainage and I...
  22. woodstock

    Need help choosing a pot!

    Picked up this Jade Bonsai and last night the winds picked up and knocked it over and out of its training pot with all of the soil along with it... since I have to basically repot it now anyways I was going to put it in something that fits its style and now I'm stuck. Any suggestions on styles?
  23. ohiogrown

    Question for pot makers

    Hello, I put ceramic tile down for a living and a lot of time there are extra or some scrap pieces. I been thinking about getting into pot making and was wondering if it would be possible for me to integrate these extra pieces in the pot making process? I think I could make some really cool...
  24. Ashley Keller

    Mermaid pot and new August pots

    Below are a few of my favourite new pots available for August. Shop my full online store catalogue here https://www.ashleykeller.work/ Cascade Mermaid 3.5" Hand Carved Specialty Bonsai Pot https://www.ashleykeller.work/specialty-bonsai-pots/ Dark Forest Moss 2.75 x 3.75" Cascade Bonsai Pot...
  25. milehigh_7

    Check the .99 Aution

    Good week for pots check it out: https://www.facebook.com/groups/99cent/ If you are not on facebook, this group is a good reason to have an account that you only use for buying stuff. You can get good deals.
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