1. vancehanna

    30yrs from a cutting: Shimpaku

    Here's a quick view of a Shimpaku that I've grown from a cutting 1991. It was a cutting from a tree that Dean Akinson of MI owned. I've photoshopped the top to show how I will trim it this Spring affording it a better height in relation to the trunk, body, and pot. It should come down even...
  2. B

    Unhealthy Shimpaku

    Any idea as to why my oldest shimpaku isn't doing as well as my other Shimpakus? I water it maybe 1 to 2 times a week minus rain fall. There are 2 other shimpakusaround it that are deep green and healthy. Im slightly inexperienced with evergreens and can't figure out why.
  3. bonsaianak

    Looking for Kishu Shimpaku for Grafting

    Hello! I recently purchased a Sabina Juniper that I intend on grafting kishu shimpaku on during this next growing season. Looking for 4-6 kishu donors that are healthy and ideal for approach grafts. Thanks!
  4. D

    Shimpaku Styling

    Hey guys Finding this guy tricky to style . Can go a few routes with this and just not sure 😅 any Juniper style wizards out there who could gimme some direction and other options ! Would appreciate Thanks guys ⚡️🤙🏼
  5. DamianTrimboli

    Itoigawa Juniper - bad, really bad

    My itoigawa juniper is suffering, dying - probably already dead - but I have to try. Do you know what could be happening with it? and what do you recommend to do? I think is an intoxication by excess of Phyton-27. 2 months ago: Now:
  6. MrJesseStrong

    Shimpaku Styling - Tak Yamaura field grown junipers styled by myself

    Here's 3 Shimpaku junipers Ive styled recently. Tak Yamaura is Western Canada's most recognized bonsai professional with a history going back to Japan in the 60s and 70s. He owns a great nursery here in Surrey, BC. Most of the field grown junipers and black pine in my garden I have acquired from...
  7. S

    Shimpaku Juniper Cuttings - Will they survive?

    Hi.. I planted these cuttings from bonsai tree two weeks. The cuttings have changed to this colour. The cutting was dipped in rooting powder before planting in akadama soil and used tea leaves. Will they survive?
  8. S

    Shimpaku Juniper Leaves

    Hi everyone, I received a Shimpaku Juniper 1 month ago. The leaves of the tree are losing their needle-like form and are starting to open up. Should i be concerned? Please advise.
  9. Mame-Mo

    Shimpaku Juniper - Creating dense foliage

    I just purchased a this shimpaku from a local club auction and although I do intend to go back and seek advice from locals in my area it will be about 2 months till I can make a meeting. I would like to find some general suggestions on how to promote more dense foliage. As you may be able to see...
  10. Fishtank307


    I wanted to start a progression thread on this shimpaku I bought a couple of weeks ago (and show it off!) I was actually looking for a nice pot for another tree, when I found this twisty shimpaku. It was the dead stump that really caught my eye. Side A Side B Side C Side D From above...
  11. ManSkirtBrew

    Shimpaku juniper newbie styling and pruning advice

    Just picked up this fella from Rosade bonsai nursery this weekend (happy birthday to me!). I'm still *very* new to junipers, so I'm trying to absorb all the advice I can. I made a little spinaround video so you can see the whole tree. This is currently the front of the tree: I kind of feel...
  12. backroadstraveler

    Repotted Kishu in 1 Part Akadama, 1 Part Kanuma, 1 Part Lava

    I just repotted my Kishu Shimpaku in 1 part Akadama, 1 part Kanuma, 1 part Lava. It was in 100% akadama. I just wanted to make sure that using the 1 part Kanuma didn't add too much acid to the soil. Is this a good soil mix, or should I repot it swapping out the Kanuma with pumice. I've...
  13. IMG_3502


    2nd Tree I styled beginning to be one of my favorite trees!
  14. parhamr

    Shimpaku D progression

    This is how my fourth Shimpaku looked when acquired in May 2016. (My fence was in progress!) I paid $85 for it in a silent auction and felt good about what I paid. The trunk has a 2.25" diameter above a strong basal flare. I started pruning and found the tree was well overgrown, in sandy loam...
  15. ColinFraser

    Shimpaku Grafting Workshop, Sat. Feb 4th

    There are a few spots left, so I thought I'd share this in case any SoCal nuts might be interested ;) Saturday, February 4th, 11:00am - 3:00pm at California Bonsai Studio, 4015 N Moorpark Rd. In Thousand Oaks, CA. Lunch included. Learn insert grafting of Junipers with hands on instruction...
  16. markyscott

    Twisted trunk shimpaku

    I picked this up at Suthin's sale last year. He had a few tables of trees on benches outside of his garden - there were some real nice trees in there. Wish I'd bought some more. This one was not in that great of shape - it was not wired into the pot and had lost a lot of soil, but was...
  17. jriddell88

    Grafted Kishu shimpaku clump

    40 year old San Jose tree on the hill , Kishu grafting started 18 years ago
  18. markyscott

    Old Kishu

    Here's an old Kishu shimpaku. It was imported over 30 years ago. I purchased it from Suthin earlier this year. It's a great old tree with some nice movement and lots of deadwood. Here's the tree on Suthin's bench. It's a beautiful tree, but had not been styled by Suthin in many years...
  19. J

    New to forum. Bonsai beginner. My collection. pic dump.

    Hello all I am fairly new to bonsai. My dad has been doing it for some years but about 8 months ago i decided to go all in. My trees still need lots of work. I think i got some decent material but I hope you guys could tell me your honest opinion. I have crapapple,ume,shimpaku varieties include...
  20. parhamr

    Progression of my second shohin Shimpaku

    On this tree I plan to continue studying the finely ramified, triangular canopy, shohin Shimpaku informal upright shtick. I want a twisted trunk and stunning dead wood to be important features, as if this were more of a yamadori-inspired tree. I am intending at least 3–5 years of further...
  21. parhamr

    Progression of my first Shimpaku shohin

    This thread will track my progression of Shimpaku juniper nursery stock into an informal upright shohin bonsai. I'm targeting a final height of 6–8 inches and I'm planning to grow almost an entirely new canopy. This is a multi-year project. Obtained June 2015 in a 1-gallon nursery pot for...
  22. Brian Van Fleet

    Crazy Shimpaku from Evergreen Gardenworks

    Starting a thread on this one... From Brent at Evergreen Gardenworks in February 2014. As offered: And as it arrived: Potted:
  23. GenBurnside

    Interior foliage on shimpaku turning yellow

    I've had this shohin shimpaku for about 6 months now, and I noticed the interior foliage starting to turn yellow. I haven't really done any defoliation to it, so could this be caused by low sunlight? Any help or ideas would be appreciated!
  24. ColinFraser

    Kishu Air Layer

    Here's another shohin seminar acquisition - a long lanky Kishu. I'm partial to the small tree I think I see in the lowest branch, so I'm layering off the top . . . . . . could be vaguely tree-ish up here too. Two layers at once really: Ugly, but hopefully effective:
  25. Picture_019


    A miniature shimpaku.9 years old.I hope the shaping is well done.
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