tree identification

  1. SmallTreeGuy

    Identification of collected tree from Wisconsin.

    Went to Wisconsin to visit a friend and help him clear some land. On the last day I collected a tree that has a great gnarled base with a sharp turn near the ground. I have no clue what type of tree it is and was looking for some help in identifying it. Buds are just starting to break out into...
  2. L

    Identify this tree

    Hey - can you help me identify this tree? I love them and they are everywhere around here (Papudo, a coastal town near Valparaíso, Chile). This is a closeup of the fruit/seed pod: And here are a couple of closeup of the leaves:
  3. Lilliput

    Zelkova Serrata or Ulmus Parvifolia?

    This was sold as an Ulmus Parvifolia and then came with a sticker that said "Zelkova Parvifolia". I have read what I can find about their differences but still feel unsure. Most important is it to know if it's a Zelkova or an Ulmus, as I will be keeping it outdoors in Norway through the winter...
  4. Alvaro

    What kind of pine tree is this?

    I wasn’t sure where to put this post I’ts my first time posting here. I need some help here, a friend gave me this tree that collected and I want to know what kind of tree it is, from what I read and the description I found in this article, it is a Limber pine -“This species of conifer can have...
  5. Apex37

    Tree ID

    This guy made his way into a pot that was sitting by the side of the house with some dirt in it. I have never watered it and somehow has survived and looks pretty happy so far. Can't figure out exactly what it is. Looks like black poplar or apricot (prunus armeniaca). Hoping apricot, cause I'll...
  6. pstaboche

    Identification help. Poison sumac bonsai?

    I recently purchased about 16 bonsai and pre bonsai from someone taking a break from the hobby. Most of them were easy to identify but one of them even he didn't know. Apparently it was bought from someone in Louisiana and has a large stump of deadwood with one long branch near the bottom. The...
  7. BrightsideB

    Tree ID apps for phone

    If people are out finding wild material. The apps for tree ID works pretty well. It even works well when the tree is dormant and without leaves. It’s good for a basic ID of the genus and species. But when it comes to cultivars and varieties it doesn’t register as well. Does anyone else use these...
  8. Dryad

    Help Needed: Bud Identification

    Found an interesting looking stump beside my uncle's farm, but I'm having trouble identifying the species online. Any ideas judging by the buds? I took a photo of the trunk itself but for some reason it came out too blurry to make out... Here's a (poorly taken) pic of the branch structure from...
  9. bdmatt

    Need help identifying this juniper

    Hello all, I'm fairly new to bonsai and new to this forum so I don't know if this is where I put the thread, but I need help identifying what kind of juniper this tree is. I've attached some photos below. I bought this tree about a month ago from an elderly gentlemen. He had quite a few trees...
  10. R

    Bonsai identification

    I just bought this bonsai and I would like to know what species it is so I can get to know how I should take care of it. Thank you
  11. E

    Seed ID...

    So, I found these in my backyard and have no idea what they are.... they came from a neighbors tree, so I really have 0 idea... any thoughts? If it helps, they range from 4-12 inches... I’m wondering if the tree is even bonsaiable/if the leaves will reduce nicely.
  12. D

    Mystery Tree ID

    Hi everyone, I recently picked up a tree from a shop because I really liked the shape. I know nothing about it, however, and neither did the guys in the shop. Could you please help my identify this new buddy of mine so I can take good care of her, and also finding out that will my cat be sick if...
  13. JustinP

    Identification help please.

    Ok fountain of all bonsai knowledge, am I in the right place for this question? I am scouting potential yamadori and this look promising, but I can't figure out what it actually is. There are quite a few in the woods near me. (Private land and I am on good terms with owners.) In the Dallas...
  14. sixemkay

    Can you ID this Acer Palmatum?

    I purchased this tree earlier this summer from a woman on Craigslist. She couldn't remember which type of Japanese Maple it was. What do you think it is? Thanks in advance :) Attached are pictures of: newly opened leaves; whole tree; mature leaf
  15. A

    Help identifying this Tree

    Hi I'm new to this site. Recently acquired a new tree I've been told it is a common ash (Fraxinus excelsior). Any help confirming this would be a great help
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