1. jbhampton31

    Large Tridents Please Help!

    I am a beginning my 2nd yr in bonsai. I purchased these trident maples from a widow of a club member who has passed. I got these trees late last spring and I am looking for help on how best to get these trees back on a path towards becoming bonsai. Trident #1 has 3 trunks and a big calloused...
  2. SandSquid

    Trident with Very Straight Trunk - Help!

    Looking for a bit of help and guidance. Suggestions. Good-to-knows. Anything that’ll help. I’m fairly new to bonsai, and I’ve had this guy for a little bit, a trident maple. The trunk is about 2” wide at the base before it tapers ever so slightly up. This trunk is very straight and forks into...
  3. Balbs

    Is it too late to repot trident?

    Hi all, I was traveling and just got home to my trident, ready for spring! I did intend to repot this one this year. I’m growing it out in an Anderson flat and it’s been three years or so, so I expect it to need some heavy root work. Am I too late?
  4. Apex37

    Triple Trunk Trident

    Picked this trident up at Bjorn’s back a couple months ago for a steal. Been trying to decide which would make a best front. I personally am leaning more towards option 2 or 3, but would love to hear y’all’s thoughts. Plan is to cut back each trunk to the next major branch to start working on...
  5. S

    Brown Spots on Trident Leaves

    Hello All, I am a newbie and have collected a few nursery stock junipers to practice working on - and after a couple of trips to Fuji Bonsai Nursery in Sylmar I found myself walking out with some elm trees and a trident maple. I repotted the maple back in February and it has been doing just...
  6. A

    Pushing down branch with a wood wedge?

    Hi, I saw someone do this before and decided to do it today on a trident. I want to bring that branch down a bit and become more horizontal, so I stuck a piece of a take out chopstick between the branch and the trunk. Should there be any kind of padding at the points of contact? I know I've...
  7. S

    Early winter maintenance - maples

    While many of you are enjoying spring and all the things that go with it we are now in late Autumn. The leaves have dropped off the maples so I've started the annual winter pruning. These are all older well ramified trident maples so I concentrate on removing long internodes, thinning new shoots...
  8. A

    Trident - Is this fungus?

    I found maybe a handful of leaves with these bumps on them, pictured below is one of these leaves, front and back. I only see this on a handful of the leaves,however, all of the leaves have brown tips. I see the tips on new growth browning as well, although it seems to be less severe than the...
  9. B

    Tri Maple advice

    Looking for some opinions on this little guy I picked up this winter. It's got this big ugly knot on top and the branches are less than ideal. Its got a great and base tho! Thought I would get some opinions before I proceed. Chop most the top off or work with what is there?
  10. J

    Problem trident maple leaves

    Hello everyone. I would like to know if there was a treatment for my trident maple seedling. It’s new leaf seemed kinda discoloured and somewhat shriveled up. The new growth isn’t so green either. I keep it in my balcony where it receives full sun from 10-14 o’clock. Then receive partial shade...
  11. JoeR


    Just want to share my latest project, a cement forest pot I made for some zelkova and trident seedlings I had. Zelkova were grown from seed started in maybe 2016/2017, trained independently and then assembled last spring. Tridents came from plantcitybonsai in 2016, and I was told they were 5-7...
  12. boguz

    Trident drill graft

    Hey... Here is my trident, i like its nebari. But it seems need more branches. I am planing to make a drill graft as in pictures. What do you think guys?
  13. faker

    Overdue trident maple

    I've wanted to get a trident for a long time but never found one in my (low) price range that called to me. This one caught my eye when I was wandering around lone pine a few months ago, though I'm starting to see some issues the more I study it. Planning to do a major chop, cleanup, and repot...
  14. JBP_85

    New Trident Maples (Acer buergerianum)

    Hello Everyone, I’ve been a long time lurker of this forum and am excited to be in a position to finally join the discussion. I’ve been interested in this hobby for some time but have held off on acquiring trees until I was in a position to be able to responsibly participate and dedicate...
  15. J

    Saving a maple

    Hello everyone, this tree might be a little difficult but i wanted to save it since it was going to a bin. Someone i know renovated their place and kept this maple as small hedge. I found it and asked to have it. Do you think there is any chance for it to become somewhat of a bonsai. Advices?
  16. Bonsai Noodles

    Trident Maple vs. Japanese Maple cold tolerance? Difference between cold hardiness or tolerance to low-colds?

    When I look at the USDA Cold Hardiness ratings for the trident vs. Japanese maple, I saw that the trident maple can tolerate as low as zone 4, whereas Japanese maples can only go to zone 5. But when I read online, I saw that trident maples are a bit more susceptible to cold damage/death in...
  17. Thesonoflars

    Help with Trident Maple

    Got this tree from Brent Walston @ Evergreen. I am thinking of trunk chopping next Spring just above the first branch and letting that be the new leader to create taper and then let it continue to grow. Is this a good idea? Any suggestions in preparing this tree to become a worthy bonsai. Thanks...
  18. hemmy

    Apparent Mycorrhizae sheaths on Trident Maple Roots

    I dug this trident maple yesterday and found these white fungal(?) sheaths on many roots. When wet, it was thick and spongy and could be scratched away to reveal the outer portion of the root beneath. They appear similar to images at the below site, but this is the first time I’ve encountered...
  19. PeaceLoveBonsai

    Trident Maple - Stick-in-a-Pot - Progression

    The first bonsai tree I ever purchases was a Trident maple from Brussels Bonsai. It was your stereotypical Stick-in-a-Pot. As purchased in the fall of 2015. Unlike most of the trees I bought back when I first started, I didn't do anything with this tree for over a year. Here's how she...
  20. CarsonH

    Acer Buergeranum Thoughts & ideas

    Hey Everyone, Its my first week with this tree and needing some help on what should be done this year. Those photos above are the 4 different sides of the tree. The tree is living in a 16x16x5 Andersen flat. This will be my first year with this tree and need some advice on things I...
  21. Grant Hamby

    Knobby Trident

    Just thought I'd start a thread on this trident I picked up on the FB auction. It's got some issues, but I'm excited to see where I can take it. The obvious issue is the lack of taper in the upper section. I've been searching for a new leader to cut back to. Here is my first idea...
  22. Stan Kengai

    5 foot tall shohin Trident maple

    Back story: I got this tree in 2010 from a bonsai nursery. It had been grown over a tile (poorly) and had almost no taper, but the shape of the trunk and fat roots intrigued me. Having been out of bonsai for several years and wanting something approximating mature, I put it in a bonsai pot...
  23. kostasd87

    3y Field grown tridents-help needed

    Hello all! 20 months ago I started a project planting 30 trident maple seedlings. I planted all of them after passing the roots through a 1.2cm hole in the middle of a plastic plate. The pictures describe the process: Fast forward 15 months: And as of today...
  24. ColinFraser

    Upgraded Trident Maple

    So I bought a Trident at the California Shohin Seminar last weekend (it's obviously not Shohin sized though). I'm excited about this tree and looking forward to working with it. I was impressed with the trunk's taper and movement, and despite some flaws, it's definitely one of the nicer pieces...
  25. Trident Maple Fall 2013

    Trident Maple Fall 2013

    Trident maple in fall color, 2013. Tree was acquired at our local club show/sale in May, 2013. Previous owner developed it from nursery stock.
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