New Book - Satsuki Azalea Bonsai by Rick Garcia

If you see the shipping option and get an order placed, it is resolved. Don't wait until it sells out.
They have paused purchasing. It says they will have a different option starting 9/6.
Got my copy today.
Haven't had a chance to peruse it yet.
Thanks for the offer, however I already have an alternative way that saves a few bucks that is already put in motion.

Based off those pictures, looks like a nice book. Also nice to have a book with actual lengthy text in it, as the Droste book for example is really sparse on that area. And the Callaham book is also half pictures, half cultivar listings.
Hi Glaucus,

How did you solve the high shipping rates to the Benelux?
I tried sending you a pm but I keep getting an error...

Thank you
I struggled to find this in UK but just came across it here at Greenwood Bonsai, not cheap at £45 but get em while they're hot, just about time for delivery as a xmas gift! :cool: (They use a courier, 2days approx)

I am looking forward to including mine in some winter reading.
Mine is waiting on the shelf for a nasty long cold spell, which is coming soon.
Suiko Press is running a holiday special with free shipping by USPS media mail, I think it is for US only. Not sure.

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