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Hello all!

I'm new to trident maples and I was wondering when the best time to prune the branches is. There are some that are .5-1" thick that I need to clean up/get rid of and I want to shorten the overall height of my tree. If anyone could tell me when the best time to do some major pruning like this would be I'd appreciate it!

If you have pictures post them, it will help everyone with comments:)
Just before the buds begin to swell, which for your area might be about now. Be sure to make each cut concave, and seal them with cut paste. If the tree is already potted you should begin fertilizing. Try to get some growth on it this year, then cut back to the first node, rinse, repeat, wire. I am speaking from my west coast experience, so someone in your area might have better advice.
Brain, are we looking at the same photos?
I'm seeing no photos... You see photos? I was just going off of the limited information provided.
Brain, I'm not seeing any either! Are we here to give generic information that anyone one read with a google search or are we here to give specific information for a particular tree according to IT'S needs
Ah, I see what you did there... I agree, pictures are always helpful and it is best to give advice on an individual tree, but a generic question deserves a generic answer.
I see that bunzI hasn't posted in this thread again yet but, I just thought I would let you know that I live in Michigan in zone 5b also and we have leaves on our Trident Maples.
Thanks for all the replies! Unfortunately I do not have any pictures available right now, but it's ok because I was only really looking for a generic answer. I just wanted to know if I should save the pruning of larger branches for late winter/ early spring (next year) or if I could do it after the leaves harden. BTW, yeah where I am in Michigan, my trident has quite a few leaves, although they haven't hardened off yet. I have begun fertilizing too. Thanks again!!
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