1. zezima

    Bougainvillea Help - overwatering, fungus, or something else?

    I just picked up my first bougainvillea from a nursery about a month ago. It has been doing alright but has lost most of the bracts since I got it which I expected. I have added bougain to the top of the soil and have been trying to water it only when the pot feels light or the leaves start to...
  2. Tntthunder

    What is this on my tree's deadwood?

    Created deadwood earlier this year and was told to let it dry and wear away in the elements so we didn't protect it. However I have noticed it's covered in this mold kind of looking stuff. It's only on the deadwood and not on the leaves/trunk, is this normal or is it an issue I need to worry...
  3. SubJeezy

    White whispy substances in crevices of a Tea tree.

    Recently purchased a gnarly looking tea tree from a plant store. Tree itself is in good shape but it was very dirty and neglected. Leaves were caked with what looked like road grime or very caked dust. As I was Cleaning the leaves I began to notice a lot of the crevices have little patches of...
  4. W

    Can a nutrient deficient appear spontaneously (Chinese Elm)

    Hi About a week or two ago I posted a thread regarding what I thought at the time was a form of fungal infection or pest on my Chinese elm, and a few kind people replied, with the majority of them deeming it to be a nutrient deficiency (mainly N). Initially this seemed like a reasonable...
  5. W

    Fungus or something else?

    Hello, just today when I went to look on my Chinese elm I noticed that the surface of the new leaves had become spotty. The tree has just started shooting quite aggressively about 1/2 weeks ago, as I had failed to care for it properly throughout the winter. Could anyone tell me what is going on...
  6. B

    ID on bugs?

    Hi all! Looking for help to identify these bugs that appeared on my Vietnamese Bluebell over the weekend. I have my bluebell indoor just for the winter as I live in NY. I treated the plant right away by removing what I could and spraying a mixture of dish soap and water. Want help to identify...
  7. K

    Advice needed on next steps of this crabapple and how to nurse it back to health

    Hi all. Back in April, I bought a Nagasaki Crabapple from someone from my local club. It was very healthy then, with flowers just finishing up. However, in early-mid June, I noticed that the leaves were browning and curling up. I was quite confused as I'd never encountered this before, but then...
  8. A

    Black shoot tips on black bag pomegranate hardwood cutting. Fungus?

    I have this Pomegranate hardwood cutting that has been in a black bag for almost 2 months now. The tree is producing a lot of shoots, however most of them are turning their tips black after they start to elongate. At first I thought that it was because they were getting burned after having...
  9. Caleb Campbell

    Field Maple diagnoses

    I received these from Evergreen Garden works, the first, smaller one in late July, the second larger one in late August. Both trees looked very happy and healthy upon arrival, but after getting the first one, within a week I saw the first signs of these dead leaf spots. A month later I got the...
  10. Apex37

    White Uniform Dotting on Ficus Leaves

    Hadn't noticed this before, but it's only on one ficus. One of those hardware store ginseng ficus graft trees that I got when I was first starting the hobby. Anyway, the other day I noticed these white uniform dots all along the leaves. Any idea what this might be?
  11. Rivian

    Fungus on azalea trunk

    ?Hino Crimson? azalea with wavy leaves, thinking the fungus visible on the trunk is causing general sickness ID of the culprit? Other azaleas are fine
  12. hemmy

    Bird Poop Leaf Damage?

    I’ve never seen bird poop damage a leaf (I’m 95% sure this is bird poop). So either this one was one helluva shot and hit this existing dead spot, or the bird poop damaged the leaf. Is the damage from a pathogen or possibly fertilizer burn from the poop (which I’ve never seen before)? The mold...
  13. E

    Lost as to what is wrong with my Hornbeam

    I’m still struggling to figure out what’s wrong with my American Hornbeam. A ton of leaves have these black spots showing up on them. I suspected fungus so I removed all the leaves with spots and sprayed with fungicide some weeks ago, but that didn’t seem to have any effect on the tree. Overall...
  14. A

    Trident - Is this fungus?

    I found maybe a handful of leaves with these bumps on them, pictured below is one of these leaves, front and back. I only see this on a handful of the leaves,however, all of the leaves have brown tips. I see the tips on new growth browning as well, although it seems to be less severe than the...
  15. R

    White Mould good or bad?

    Hi all, new here. I got my first bonsai. It was stored in an outdoor greenhouse but is an indoor plant. I took it home, put it in place (window with natural light) but the following day i noticed this on the soil. Is this an issue for the plant? Or just symbiotic with the soil and tree?
  16. Apex37

    ID on What Might Be Going on with Crepe Myrtle

    I've had this guy for probably a little over a month now. Repotted him as soon as I got him into a 1:1:1 mix of pine bark, akadama, and pumice. He's showing signs of some sort of bacterial or fungal issue I'm guessing. I REALLY hope this isn't bacterial leaf scorch, but from what I've been...
  17. Cloudsgrow

    Green island fig fungus?

    Hi everyone, i own a fee green island ficus and never noticed these light grey dimples in the leaves before, they're on a new GI ficus i just purchased and I'm concerned whatever it is may spread so I've segregated the new plant. Anyone have any idea what this is? A fungus maybe? I've checked...
  18. A

    Potential rust on willow

    Hi everyone! Technically my first post but long time lurker. My largest willow cutting that I got on a lark appears to have gotten a potential fungal infection from our latest downpour (or I assume that’s what the orange dots are). I know that the top evidently has dieback and I need to chop...
  19. ajm55555

    How do you prevent fungal infection when root pruning Deshojo&Co?

    I still haven't found a definitive answer to how to prevent fungus from entering a delicate JM cultivar, like the Deshojo, when root pruning. This is an air layer from South Korea/Japan. I had to do a major cut at the base to have a flatter root plain and this is the result. It pushed growth...
  20. Rivian

    Differences in disease resistence of JM cultivars

    I'm interested in your experience with cultivars of everything commonly described as a Japanese maple, regarding their disease resistence. I could not find anything on this topic beyond throwaway comments Especially curious what people say who had multiple cultivars, over several years, and...
  21. electronfusion

    Aesthetic Problem Or Disease Problem?

    I bought this texas scarlet chaenomeles japonica at a big box store last month, since it looked healthy, large, and relatively low priced. It was only after I took it home and started chopping away all the twiggy growth that I noticed my intended trunk has some reverse taper in spots. If it just...
  22. L

    Fungus/mushrooms on soil?

    Hey guys! Do you know what are this brown things on the soil of my bonsai? Are those small mushrooms? Or what? Most important....good or bad? Shall I remove or leave them? Thanks in advance Regards
  23. anthony burce

    need help identifying disease and advice on cure.

    Hi there I haven't posted in a while but I just recently purchased this older Japanese red pine. Compact Tanyosho ( Pinus Densiflora Umbraculifera- Compacta) I traveled to Chester CA and found this. Originally priced at 99 but I pointed out the ailment and the nursery owner accepted $50. She...
  24. B

    Help! My bonsai is dying- I think it has a fungal infection??

    I recently got a bonsai tree for christmas- I have no idea about the nursery conditions etc because it was a gift. I belive the tree is a chinese privet- it is my first ever tree Arount the start of the tree trunk it looks as if it's decaying and it has white marks around it with orangeish...
  25. HENDO

    Chinese Elm Red Scale ID and Treatment

    Hi All, I recently noticed what looks like a red scale on my Chinese Elms. Here are some pictures from the largest Elm which appears to be the most affected. It runs off quite easily and is powdery, but there is a lot of it on the trunk and primary branches. This particular tree gets 4+ hours...
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