1. electronfusion

    Aesthetic Problem Or Disease Problem?

    I bought this texas scarlet chaenomeles japonica at a big box store last month, since it looked healthy, large, and relatively low priced. It was only after I took it home and started chopping away all the twiggy growth that I noticed my intended trunk has some reverse taper in spots. If it just...
  2. L

    Fungus/mushrooms on soil?

    Hey guys! Do you know what are this brown things on the soil of my bonsai? Are those small mushrooms? Or what? Most important....good or bad? Shall I remove or leave them? Thanks in advance Regards
  3. anthony burce

    need help identifying disease and advice on cure.

    Hi there I haven't posted in a while but I just recently purchased this older Japanese red pine. Compact Tanyosho ( Pinus Densiflora Umbraculifera- Compacta) I traveled to Chester CA and found this. Originally priced at 99 but I pointed out the ailment and the nursery owner accepted $50. She...
  4. B

    Help! My bonsai is dying- I think it has a fungal infection??

    I recently got a bonsai tree for christmas- I have no idea about the nursery conditions etc because it was a gift. I belive the tree is a chinese privet- it is my first ever tree Arount the start of the tree trunk it looks as if it's decaying and it has white marks around it with orangeish...
  5. HENDO

    Chinese Elm Red Scale ID and Treatment

    Hi All, I recently noticed what looks like a red scale on my Chinese Elms. Here are some pictures from the largest Elm which appears to be the most affected. It runs off quite easily and is powdery, but there is a lot of it on the trunk and primary branches. This particular tree gets 4+ hours...
  6. ConorDash

    Name the fungus..

    Hello all, Let’s play name the fungus, if you will please? I swear I’ve seen this in pictures on the internet before but it’s no tar spot or common black spot, it looks.... worse. It’s a Maple, Beni chidori. It appeared on random leaves, not localised or on new or old leaves. Tree is otherwise...
  7. DamianTrimboli

    Ilex Serrata

    Hello! I'm adding pictures of one of my affected trees - I don't know what they have - In this case is an ilex serrata. We are in fall here, soil was very compact so I repotted without touching roots into a bigger pot and new lava rock. What do you think? Thanks!!
  8. P

    Juniperus Procumbens Nana Help Identifying an issue

    Hello all, I am having a slight issue with my juniper that I was hoping you kind people could help me get to the bottom of. The tree overall looks pretty healthy, nice color, new shoots, all good there. My problem is with the tips of some shoots and even some old growth. I'm aware of the...
  9. Clicio

    J. Quince needed help - fungal?

    Hi fellows. One of my quinces is losing its leaves, they get yellow with brown spots from night to day. As the others are ok and humidity is low overall, I guess it is a fungal issue. Should I try Daconil? Neem oil?
  10. DamianTrimboli

    Chinese Elm Fungal issue

    Hello! I live in Buenos Aires, Argentina. South hemi. I have a chinese elm I have air layered from a bigger tree 3 years ago, it was always going very well... but this summer it got a fungal issue, i threated it with Folicur once a week for 4 weeks, like I usually do with other decidous trees...
  11. hemmy

    Apparent Mycorrhizae sheaths on Trident Maple Roots

    I dug this trident maple yesterday and found these white fungal(?) sheaths on many roots. When wet, it was thick and spongy and could be scratched away to reveal the outer portion of the root beneath. They appear similar to images at the below site, but this is the first time I’ve encountered...
  12. F

    Ginseng ficus w/ falling yellow leaves - fungus / pests?

    Hi folks- I recently got my first bonsai as a gift from my gf, a ginseng ficus. After I first got it & repositioned it about a month ago, about 25% of the leaves turned yellow and fell off which I understand to be somewhat normal after relocating a tree. However, it's still continuing to lose...
  13. proninyaroslav

    Fungus on japanese fertilizer cake

    Hi. Recently I bought japanese fertilizer cakes. I didn't put them on top of the soil, but deepened them into the soil. It took 2 weeks, in some pots they began to mold. It turns out that the whole batch of fertilizers is infected with a fungus or the soil itself has been infected? Should I get...
  14. Josiana

    Is This Root Rot?

    We've had mental weather here in Sweden lately, with the temperatures going from -2 to +25c.. Most of my garden seems very confused as to what season it is, and my bonsai trees have been hit the worst. I've been trying to rule out what could possibly be wrong with this juniper. Is this root rot...
  15. Clicio

    To mist or not to mist?

    If the answer is "it depends", then I really want to know why. My own experience in a hot country is: - If I don't mist and water properly, trees thrive anyway. - If I mist daily and water properly, sometimes some trees get fungal issues. Maybe unrelated, but one never knows until asking.
  16. syon_r

    Damping off Prevention

    I know when growing from seed to use a well draining soil mix and to grow in a bright area to prevent damping off of seeds. What fungicides should I use as preventatives? Should they be soil or spray fungicides? Should I apply fungicides after or before seeds begin to sprout? Should I use powder...
  17. syon_r

    What is this problem with my Mugo Pine?

    I got this mugo pine in early summer and haven’t really touched it except for raising its level in the pot. I have noticed that some of it’s needles turn brown at the ends. I am guessing it is a fungus so I will start spraying with fungicides in spring along with my Japanese Black Pine, but does...
  18. syon_r

    Do systemic fungicides harm black pine mycorrhizae?

    I was planning to treat one of my Japanese black pines with bonide infuse, (a systemic fungicide) to treat needle cast. I was also planning on using daconil and copper fungicide to treat it. I do not know if I should treat with bonide infuse, since it could harm mycorrhizae. Does anyone use...
  19. syon_r

    Does this Black Pine have needle cast?

    I bought an “Ondae” cultivar Japanese Black Pine in February and repotted it in March. It seemed to be doing well, but over the summer, I have found what seems to be needle cast on its needles. Tips of some needles are turning brown at the tips and towards the ends, some needles are turning...
  20. BeebsBonsai

    Jacqueline Hillier Elm Dark Leaves falling off

    Hello all, I noticed something was wrong with my Jacqueline Hillier Elm this morning when watering. Some of it's leaves are extremely dark green and brittle. I would say about 30 percent of older leaves towards the interior seem to have this issue. I touched a few of them and they...
  21. Ryan H

    Kingsville boxwood leaf speckle

    Hi all, Recently got this on an online purchase. Tree seems healthy but arrived with tiny speckles on the leaves.. is this due to fungus?? Not familiar with this issue new growth starts without it but as leaves darken speckles become visible. Thoughts? Thx
  22. JoeyBon

    Chinese Elm need help!

    This is my first post, first bonsai. I have a ~5 year old Chinese Elm from Eastern Leaf. When I bought it last Spring, I almost immediately repotted from nursery soil to a 100% inorganic akadama/lava mix. The tree did very well last summer and only lost about half of its foliage into the winter...
  23. S

    Please help with a diagnosis (Root fungus?)

    Hello, I have a bonsai tree which over the past several months has developed orange fungus-looking bumps on it's roots. The soil has also eroded on one side of the tree where this condition is taking place, exposing some of the roots. It's spreading rather fast, and appeared before I even...
  24. K

    Mugo Update Kelly - Needle Cast? Help please ...

    Greetings all (and specifically Vance). I am a novice and welcome your comments/advice. The following is an update on the Mugo I purchased approx. 2 years ago from a nursery in Ottawa, CA. Based on advice from Vance and others here (thanks), I cut off ~1/4 of the almost completely sand base and...
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