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  1. J

    Best soil?

    I want to make sure I don't get the wrong soil for my Nana Juniper. I know there are "bonsai mix" premade soils, but I'm not sure if they're all equal in quality. I want to find something cost-effective in particular if possible. This Juniper is an outdoor bonsai in Connecticut. Connecticut has...
  2. J

    nana juniper browning :(

    I was gifted a juniper bonsai for my birthday. It was fine the first few days, looked happy as can be- then it suddenly started browning like this. I have not been overwatering it, could possibly be slightly under watering it even. I put it in a place that is shaded yet gets sun. This is the pot...
  3. JuniperusKatana

    Sunlight requirements for junipers

    I have a few junipers in my balcony that get only 2 hrs of direct sunlight and indirect sunlight for the rest of the day. I have a place in my corridor recieving sizzling sunlight from about 11 - 12 pm till 4:30 pm. Just wondering if that is enough for them to thrive and grow as bonsai. Will...
  4. M

    Please Help Juniper Browning

    Hello! I have a very bad case of Spider Mites. I have tried to kill them - I used Capt Jack. It hasnt been successful. My Mom kept this tree in her patio it was attacked by Squirrels. I moved it to a patio away from the squirrels and it started to turn brown. Its in Los Angeles - weve had a...
  5. goth_gardener

    Juniper Nana Funky Dieback on Apex

    Hey all! In zone 9b-ish microclimate West L.A. Have a juniper I took over recently and restyled and potted. Previous owner said it was fertilized early winter and seemed to be pumping out some good growth. I’ve had some funky whitish die back on the crown… given it superthrive, seaweed extract...
  6. Z

    Has anyone seen a juniper with red winter foliage?

    The foliage is still soft, looks like a rocky mountain juniper, have been thinking about collecting it this spring for a few months but this coloration is giving me pause. I have seen and collected a ton of RMJ but never found one that is this red. Have any of you come across any juniper that...
  7. SmallTreeGuy

    Gray tips on foliage and dull color

    Hey everyone, A couple of weeks ago I posted a Juniper that was and still is pretty sickly. I’m trying to get it happier. A lot of the foliage is growing but I have a section that has just been at a standstill and not grown at all since I’ve been tending to it. I believe the juniper has...
  8. Tntthunder

    Juniper branches died over winter, Why?

    So mid autumn I wired up my first trees. Two junipers that I bought at a nursery. They then spent most of the winter ranging from -3 to -22 Celcius buried under snow on my apartments balcony as I protected them from the wind as best as possible One juniper I wired 3/4 branches, the other I...
  9. Y

    Juniper is Dying

    Posted a few weeks ago and since then my juniper has declined even more. Any ideas on what I could be dealing with? Do I need to cut everything off except for the one tiny healthy branch? Little black spots everywhere. You can kind of see them in the pictures but the main concern is all the tips!
  10. Clicio

    The struggle between emergency repotting, and wrong season.

    One of my big junipers - a Kishu - is going slowly downhill for months. No new growth, crackling pale foliage dropping down in tufts, bad color overall when compared to other Kishu nearby. At first, I found out some insect borers - termites? - in the deadwood, but managed to get rid of them...
  11. G

    Juniper Help Sick

    I need some help identifying what’s going on with my juniper’s. I had organic soil and changed to akadama but it looks like I have a pest on them but I can’t identify to be able to treat if I even still can. It looks like maybe scale? Any thoughts?
  12. C

    Crispy Juniper tips and wilting shoots.

    New Juniper owner here. Received three junipers in the mail about two weeks ago. Did some slight pruning, and watered them daily when the soil felt slightly dry. They have direct sun for about 4-5 hrs throughout the day. I went on a trip for about five days, and asked someone to water them...
  13. Apex37

    Is this Juniper Tip Blight?

    I’m so ready to give up on junipers. The few I’ve had just have had constant issues. This one has been a struggle since it first arrived. You can look back here at the history of this tree: I think now I’m having an...
  14. J

    Juniper Pro Nana health help

    Hello! Long time lurker, first time poster. I need some help ID'ing what is happening to my young Juniper Pro Nana. I brought this plant plant home from a local nursery about a month ago. Since then I have noticed some gradual yellowing of the plant and I'm not sure whats happening. Here are...
  15. RELogan887

    New to Bonsai, Juniper Procumbens

    Hey all, Just got a Juniper and wondering if I can repot it to a nice ceramic I got with it. It’s cold one here in Ontario now but I got it from just down the street. Though it was a greenhouse with a nice climate, my window is bit cooler. I haven’t watered yet and just wondering if it’s ok to...
  16. R

    Is this unhealthy?

    I can’t tell if this is unhealthy? 1st photo (with my hand) seems a bit more brown and there hasn’t been too much growth over this season. 2nd better growth and seems healthier? I’ve also noticed sap on the floor around the tree?
  17. Apex37

    Struggling Junipers

    Hi all, I have been really struggling with Junipers and I feel like my problem is lack of sunlight, but maybe I'm wrong. Either way, I could really use some tips. My house is kinda in a bad spot for full sun trees and I'm finding this out as our neighbor's tree has grown excessively the past...
  18. Shogun610

    Browning Tips on Juniperus Chinensis

    Figured I’d post in here to ask. So I had small branches near the apex that was wired up last fall.. Coming out of dormancy these branches were all brown and looked like we’re dying ... 2 weeks ago I repotted this in a mostly pumice substrate with some lava and hard akadama. It didn’t look so...
  19. Apex37

    Browning on Juniper

    Not sure if this should even be of concern, but I noticed some brown spots on some portions of my juniper. I got him from eBay probably 2 weeks ago. I just rather play it safe than sorry and reach out to those who know probably more. I haven't watered him in about 4-5 days, so I did that to...
  20. CheleJess1021

    Bought a juniper from a street vendor...How can I fix this mistake

    I just bought this potted juniper from a street vendor to celebrate our marriage (Wed Oct 21st). He told me to only water once every two days lightly. From what I've read on y'alls beautiful forum is that is wrong and I should water it much more. Can anyone add to this? The soil looks good...
  21. C

    What is Heavy Feeding?

    Hello Newbie to the site. I have noticed folks using “heavy feeding” when talking about fertilizing pre bonsai and growing big trunks. Can some one explain how often you fertilize and what you use. I live in San Diego so I have a long growing season. I am growing juniper of all kinds Shimpaku...
  22. Thumbsaway

    Styling advice?

    I picked up this blue shore juniper from the local Home Depot. I may have gotten a bit prune happy but I’ve got to say it is interesting to look at... maybe a bit thin but it should thicken up over time. Any input or advice helps :)
  23. Jhervi

    (New Bonsai'er) Need care advice for a trident Maple and Juniper Bonsai

    Hi yall, I am brand new to the world of Bonsai. I have always been very fascinated with the art of bonsai and am excited to start learning and caring for these trees. I was hoping to get some advice on care for two bonsai trees I recieved as a gift from my girlfriend. I live in zone 9b of...
  24. B

    New Juniper nursery stock - where to begin?

    I was able to get this Junper Parsonii this afternoon. It has an incredibly thick trunk, and a nice natural shape -- though a little big. I have it sitting in the sun, the nursery had it in partial sun and the leaves were a little yellow. It's the middle of summer, so I don't want to repot, but...
  25. palafr01

    Blue Pacific Shore Juniper Styling advice

    After years of lurking I've finally decided to create a post here on Bonsainut! I have this Blue Pacific Juniper (J. Conferta) that I recently acquired and I was hoping to get some styling advice. I was thinking of creating an informal upright with it but I'm open to suggestions. I didn't find...
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