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  1. C

    What is Heavy Feeding?

    Hello Newbie to the site. I have noticed folks using “heavy feeding” when talking about fertilizing pre bonsai and growing big trunks. Can some one explain how often you fertilize and what you use. I live in San Diego so I have a long growing season. I am growing juniper of all kinds Shimpaku...
  2. Thumbsaway

    Styling advice?

    I picked up this blue shore juniper from the local Home Depot. I may have gotten a bit prune happy but I’ve got to say it is interesting to look at... maybe a bit thin but it should thicken up over time. Any input or advice helps :)
  3. Jhervi

    (New Bonsai'er) Need care advice for a trident Maple and Juniper Bonsai

    Hi yall, I am brand new to the world of Bonsai. I have always been very fascinated with the art of bonsai and am excited to start learning and caring for these trees. I was hoping to get some advice on care for two bonsai trees I recieved as a gift from my girlfriend. I live in zone 9b of...
  4. B

    New Juniper nursery stock - where to begin?

    I was able to get this Junper Parsonii this afternoon. It has an incredibly thick trunk, and a nice natural shape -- though a little big. I have it sitting in the sun, the nursery had it in partial sun and the leaves were a little yellow. It's the middle of summer, so I don't want to repot, but...
  5. P

    Blue Pacific Shore Juniper Styling advice

    After years of lurking I've finally decided to create a post here on Bonsainut! I have this Blue Pacific Juniper (J. Conferta) that I recently acquired and I was hoping to get some styling advice. I was thinking of creating an informal upright with it but I'm open to suggestions. I didn't find...
  6. erikscanon

    Procumbens Style Help!

    Hello, all! The name is Erik, I'm new here, and new to bonsai! I've been sinking hours and hours and hours into learning over the past two weeks and am seeking help on literally a "crap" PJN. This was originally 40" x 20" x 20" at the nursery and was only $40. I tried to dig inside to see the...
  7. J

    New Junipers for great (?) price?

    Hey all. Still very new to bonsai, but I stopped by a nursery and fell in love with some grey owl junipers. And I feel like they were a super good bargain?! (Under 20$ each) Tell me what you think? Good for bonsai? Bad? What I should start with? I know they’re not in like great condition but I...
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