1. J

    Blue Jacaranda Dieing! Any tips to maybe help recover it quickly?

    I recently re potted like five of these and they all passed :( this one lasted the longest but now seems to be going as well! Any tips to maybe recover it ? 3 months old?
  2. K

    Is my seedling dying?

    I have started using one of the bonsai starter kits and finally got one of the seeds to sprout last week. It was looking fine but now it has flopped over. It is still green but there is no way that it can stand on it’s own it is very thin. I have moved it into a brighter area of the house...
  3. J

    Seedlings, 4 weeks, Baby’s Jacaranda + Rocky Mountain Pine Advice! Appreciated!

    I’ve got these guys out of those grow your own kits from the store they seem to be doing great so far! Witch it good box says to thin the heard. Witch I will be doing cutting at the base level. I live in Florida it’s Aproaching summer so I’m winding how these types will fair in the HEAT, as well...
  4. D

    Bonsai Possibility? Best time to uproot?

    Hello! I've had a tough beginning to the year, which will result in me selling the house I've lived in for 35 years. There is a very old White Ash here that's monstrously tall, taller than my house, even! I'm looking for a way to take a piece with me. I'm afraid the next owner may cut it down...
  5. S

    JBP seedlings

    Spring down here so seedlings are growing. I decided it was time to pot on one batch of JBP today. Just letting others know how I do this in case anyone is interested. Tray of seedlings a couple of weeks old Roots I've learned over many years that cutting roots at this stage produces much...
  6. Mrs. O in the wild

    9 month old spruce - How am I doing?

    Hello, I am looking for confirmation that I remain on the right track after repotting my Norway Spruce. I have been giving him a few hours of fresh air (on the front porch by an open window) here and there. It has been unseasonably hot so I felt it may burn in the heat. How are we looking? I’ve...
  7. nekobes

    Purchasing a redwood/young redwood care

    Hi all, I'm quite new to this hobby and would like any advice or input anybody is willing to give me. In fact, as of now, I haven't styled, nor do I yet plan to style, any trees. For the time being, I'm only interested in growing young saplings to raise in the coming years, while reading up on...
  8. palafr01

    They come in all shapes and sizes. The Bonsai Nut seedling thread.

    Hey everyone since so many of us grow trees from seed here I thought it would cool idea if we had a thread where everyone could share their seedlings. Given the random nature of seed growing, every so often truly weird or unique individuals show up that are extra special so if you if have any...
  9. R

    Getting my second tree as a seedling, help me get setup for success?

    Hello all, please forgive me for the rambling. I'm not quite sure what info is most important, so I may share too much. I've long been interested in bonsai, and last year I picked up a 5ish y/o Fukien Tea that I've successfully managed to not kill so far. I've always been interested in cherry...
  10. Rivian

    Inb4 Bonsai Nut

    Tree Hazel already barking up Pain in the ass to germinate After many months inactivity, threw the seeds away THEN it sprouted from the trashpile the next year
  11. Y

    Black pine seedling fertilizer

    My seedlings just popped through two days ago. Was wondering when to start fertilizing these seedlings? I don’t want to burn them or kill them so I just need some advice in when seedlings start getting fertilizer
  12. cornfed

    The Woody Plant Seed Manual 2008

    Very specific information on how to germinate the seeds of various species.
  13. Z

    Maple identify

    Hello I have been lurking on the forum reading information for a while but never posted. Until I found these guys wondering if anyone can confirm what it is as the plaque on this park tree is blank (interesting foreign maples in canada area) from weathering..they were only 2 growing next to each...
  14. D

    Total begginner -need advice

    Hi, total beginner here. Was greeted one day after work to see this little guy shooting up (chinese wisteria) I have actively kept him watered but not overly so and he spends his time on my windowsill not in direct sunlight but where its light. I was planning on repotting him soon but then I...
  15. K

    Bonsai substrate holding water on top

    Hello, I have just today repotted all my seedlings, to a more permanent location so they wont grow on top of each other in the pelets. I bought some bonsai substrate or whatever it really is (it’s says profi tho) and i can already tell some of the seedlings are too young to be replanted rn and...
  16. J

    Garden Republic-Seed Grow Kit

    Got bonsai seed kit for holidays reading all general steps to get started just curious if anyone with experience has any tips, tricks etc learned along the way. Have grow light setup for starting phases. Two mains questions trying to find are, is now a bad time? (live in New Jersey) Do need...
  17. Clicio

    What the heck is happening to my Zelkova? Gone crazy?

    I got this seedling from @leatherback as I couldn't find nice Zelkovas around São Paulo. So he was kind enough to provide me some whips with roots wrapped in wet newspaper and.. They all took. This winter this one had no leaves at all and was like 15cm tall, and 3 months later it is almost 1...
  18. mystery hitch hiker!

    mystery hitch hiker!

    noticed this little hitcher in my variegated pafra! wonder what it'll be? yard has white pine, spruce, and hemlock...
  19. Clicio

    A tale of a pack of Caribbean Tamarind seeds and why this site rocks.

    This story starts when the 6 years JBP contest was launched. I couldn't get any seeds from here, complained like a child, and so I got a very kind offer from @Anthony . He would send me a pack of pine seeds from Trinidad. Being absolutely shameless, I asked for some Tamarindus Indica seeds also...
  20. E

    Baby Flame Tree bonsai keeps losing leaves and branches?

    Hello everyone! I am rather new to Bonsai having a flame tree and two spruce pines. They came in a kit I got for Christmas. I have another post describing my issues I am having but this post is only about one thing and I think most of you who are experienced might be able to answer it. I am...
  21. BTrees3

    Wisteria bonsai tree from seed

    Hello Bonsai People, I’m completely new to growing Bonsai tree’s. I haven’t grown a single thing my entire life up until now. I’ve got 2 wisteria seedlings I’m super proud of! They’re growing up so fast, and I was wondering if I could get any advice on things I should be doing now or in the...
  22. O

    Dying Seedlings - Please Help

    Hi. This (pine?) seedling has been growing since late April but recently the tips have started to turn brown. This is also the case with the smaller (birch?) seedling whose leaves are also turning brown after sprouting a few weeks ago. Please can someone identify the seedlings and let me know...
  23. T

    Help! Jacaranda Mimosifolia 6/7 months old dying

    I planted this Jacaranda Mimosifolia about six or seven months ago. I went on vacation for a week and left it in a window, came back and it looks dead, any tricks to revive it! I was just started to get pretty big. Let me know if you think it’s a total loss or if I can do anything to bring it...
  24. C

    Questions from a well-researched newbie

    This is going to be a wall of text, some I'm going to get a TLDR; out of the way first. ==TLDR== Am a newbie to bonsai with way too much free time of late, have spent the past couple weeks doing naught but researching information about making bonsai from seedlings & how best to care for maple...
  25. JayD

    First Post: Acer Palmatum Seedling

    Hello all, I am new to the forum. I have grown to love and appreciate the Acer species from my time working in a Botanical Garden. Enjoying browsing the site so far! Started collecting plants for bonsai and training 2 years ago. I am excited to learn from and share with you all. Grabbed this...
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