fukien tea

  1. X

    Need guidance with Fukien tea

    Hi all, last year I got into this hobby and took care of two trees, one is still alive and the other one I killed it after around 10 months more or less. That was in the balearic islands, but couple of months ago I had to move to Barcelona so I kind of stopped my tree adventure. Last week my...
  2. C

    Fukien Tree bonsai loosing all leaves

    Hi all, So I have had a Fukien tree bonsai for about a year and a half and it has gone great until the 4-5 weeks. During this time the tree has shed almost all of its leaves and those remaining are rather brittle. I am used to it shedding a number of its leaves over time but have not seen...
  3. N

    Fukien Tea still alive??

    Hello! :-) I was gifted my very first bonsai tree a couple days ago, it is a Fukien Tea tree that is 6 years old. As soon as my boyfriend and I opened the well-packaged tree we noticed the dry, dark green leaves. All of them wilting away. I watered it immediately when I got home as it was...
  4. A

    Fukien tea bonsai tree questions

    hello everyone. First time posting so please be gentle. I got a couple of questions about my tree. It lost all its leaves and was not doing well until I asked a local pro for help and he adviced that I change the soil to the mix below and fertilizer that had even parts (below as well) It is...
  5. K

    Fukien Bonsai

    My Fukien Bonsai is 8 years old. I repotted it for the first time this past fall. I know they don't like to be moved but I had to move it to another room for the holidays. My bonsai has been looses it's leaves like crazy. On previous thread I read how a clear or white plastic bag acts as a...
  6. sorce

    The Burn Pile. Newbie Graduation.

    Let's face it Newbs.... There comes a day when Everyone who will ever take this seriously realizes their material is terrible. S- shaped anything, anything with painted green moss, glued rocks, anything in a pot with an attached drip tray, 90% of Fukien Tea's, every Walmart ficus, anything...
  7. harpua.cam

    Traded Black Pine for these three

    I decided to trade the reverse taper black pine for these three trees. http://imgur.com/a/8OFU6 The pine project was too overwhelming.
  8. Smilefreak24

    Looking for advice for my New Bonsai's

    Hey Bonsai Nut's! I just got into Bonsai's a few months ago when I purchased Hawaiian Umbrella and a small Bougie. Unfortunately, the bougie started to droop severely and drop leaves and after 2 weeks of attempted revival, I donated it back to the sanctuary (I didn't want to do it any more...
  9. falling_snow

    Best Fertilizer for Fukien Tea

    Hey everybody! I'm thinking of getting a Fukien Tea bonsai, but before I take the plunge I have a quick question. I was reading in a book on Bonsai that Fukien Tea does best with a low-nitrogen fertilizer, but I'm not sure what qualifies as "low-nitrogen" or what proportions the potassium and...
  10. J

    Dying Fukien Tea Bonsai - Help!

    Have had this tree for a couple years, grows very fast, used to have to trim the branches quite a bit. Did a major trim a couple months ago. Now the leaves have all turned wilted and slightly brown except for 2 new branches toward the bottom. Have done nothing but water this plant since I got...
  11. Gunstock

    Search tabs

    Do the search tabs even work? I searched under media, and resources, for Fukien tea, and carmona retusa and got "no results found"? Or are there just not any to find?
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