1. C

    My Dad was trained by Jim Smith - POT ID Help

    Hey Everyone, New to the forum. Quick History. Grew up in Melbourne FL, my dad, J Gillis Courson (Gil) was trained in Vero by Jim Smith. They became good friends, I remember hanging out at Jim's nursery as a child while Jim and my Dad worked. He was also a photojournalist for the Florida Today...
  2. pandacular

    Shrubby tree ID

    I recently purchased this tree from a forum member, and it was unidentified. I would love any help identifying it from these photos. I am located in Western Washington, but I don't know much about the provenance of this tree. It appears to have a lighter colored fringe on the leaves. It has...
  3. Apex37

    What is this all over my Chinese Elm?

    This kinda just appeared over the past couple days and I have no idea what this is but it’s all over my Chinese Elm. We’ve been getting a lot of rain so I’d be surprised if it’s aphids, but looks similar.
  4. Apex37

    Troubles in the Garden

    I’m having a few various issues with plants this year. We’ve had a significantly wet and mild spring, which I’m definitely not complaining about, but I think it’s started to rear it’s head this past couple weeks. This may be a variety of things, but I’m struggling to nail down exactly what I...
  5. W

    Is this a standard maple

    Hi all, hoping someone can help me out. This was a cutting off of a garden tree, is this likely a standard green acer? Parent trunk was dark green/greyish
  6. Isondiel

    Picea Glauca?

    I've been eyeing this spruce for several months now at my local nursery. It was heavily discounted and I tried hard to tell myself I already have enough trees but eventually caved and got it. Problem is, it was only tagged as Picea Glauca with no more info and the nursery person I talked to...
  7. PowerTap

    Volunteer of unknown variety

    So in my front garden I have a volunteer, that appears to be a mapel, but I don't know which kind. My plant ID says Sugar Mapel. But I'd appreciate a more practiced eye. As well as thoughts about if I should pull it as a weed, or dig it up and put it in a pot.
  8. Ferg91

    Identifying this bonsai

    I have no idea what this is it may even just be a blade of grass. does anyone know what this could be?
  9. B

    Bonsai identification.

    Hello, I am new to bonsai trees but I always found them beautiful. Recently I had the chance to purchase one from my local supermarket. Unfortunately it does not have any Identification, hence I am not sure what i'm dealing with and how to care for it. Would anyone kindly help me identify...
  10. pstaboche

    What tree is this? Korean hornbeam?

    I recently purchased a tree which I believed to be a Korean hornbeam, but was told by someone that is not the case. Can anyone help with identifying this thing?
  11. the_ungawa

    Tree Identification Help

    Hello Bonsai Nut, I am new to the forum as a poster, but I have lurked off and on for some time. I am not new to bonsai, but I have not kept up with my studies or maintenance of my trees beyond watering, fertilizing, and repotting. I have recently become motivated to "come back" to taking it a...
  12. L

    Japanese red pine 'Jane Kluis'

    Does anyone else happen to have this variety? The information I've been able to find on the web indicates that it's a hybrid, although there seems to be some question about whether it's a cross between Pinus densiflora and Pinus thunbergii or a cross between Pinus densiflora and Pinus nigra...
  13. M

    Cultivar identification

    Hello, I was looking through the forum and looked through many threads. I could not find a close match as I was looking for a general guide on identifying maple cultivars (certainly a very tedious task). I came across this when looking for planters on a website for local buy/sell. The owner does...
  14. B

    Identify pine?

    Hello! I was hoping someone could help me identify the species of this pine tree. It is located in NJ. Thanks!
  15. pstaboche

    Identification help. Poison sumac bonsai?

    I recently purchased about 16 bonsai and pre bonsai from someone taking a break from the hobby. Most of them were easy to identify but one of them even he didn't know. Apparently it was bought from someone in Louisiana and has a large stump of deadwood with one long branch near the bottom. The...
  16. Bonsaibillie99

    Tree identification and help!

    Hi there, I am brand new to the bonsai world and recently got my first bonsai tree as a birthday gift. Unfortunately I had to go away and left my housemates minding it and I've now returned to it wilting! Any help identifying the tree type and how to save it would be much appreciated!! Here are...
  17. Z

    Maple identify

    Hello I have been lurking on the forum reading information for a while but never posted. Until I found these guys wondering if anyone can confirm what it is as the plaque on this park tree is blank (interesting foreign maples in canada area) from weathering..they were only 2 growing next to each...
  18. E


    Hi all! 😊 I got a bonsai tree for my birthday from my brother but he said the shop assistant couldn’t tell what kind of bonsai tree it was. Could any of you guys help me out with identifying it please? Would mean a lot. Also open to tips on how to keep it and care for it but I will do the...
  19. Rivian

    Carpinus koreana - Carpinus turczaninowii

    I have seen multiple websites claim theyre the same, and Ive seen multiple websites claim theyre different and also sell them separately. What gives? Also believe Ive seen it spelled "coreana". Need expert advice.
  20. Rivian

    Duckfeet Trident?

    This does not look like the tridents I had (I killed them...). The leaves on mine were kinda boring maple like in shape, dunno how to describe it. Anyone know if this is a named cultivar, or have any other trident maple cultivar recommendations?
  21. Rivian

    Super small leaves JM?

    Look at what I found in a planter. Those are centimeters, not inches. Anyone guess the cultivar name? Cause I have no idea. The plant was about 1.4 meters tall, with very low graft union if any. Trunk was maybe 7cm diameter, from memory.
  22. Rivian

    Need help identifying a tree by its leaves

    I found a few small deciduous trees with alternating nodes in the forest, and I dont know what it is but would like to find out more and check if its suitable for bonsai. This is what the leaves look like from above and below. I didnt have my phone with me so I just took a leaf, thats all the...
  23. C

    Questions from a well-researched newbie

    This is going to be a wall of text, some I'm going to get a TLDR; out of the way first. ==TLDR== Am a newbie to bonsai with way too much free time of late, have spent the past couple weeks doing naught but researching information about making bonsai from seedlings & how best to care for maple...
  24. Trenthany

    Tree ID please. Google isn’t helping.

    It’s in my yard and spreads easily. Looks 100 yrs old in less than 20. I thought it was a wild plum but now I’m thinking crabapple maybe. Let me know what you think! I’m in southwest FL for reference on location. Either way if it has decent roots I’m tempted to collect at least one. I have several.
  25. C

    Need help with an ID

    This tree is three years old, grown from a seed. Not sure what species because it was supposed to be an olive but that is not the case. Thanks!
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