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Salt Lake CIty Utah
Life concerns itself deeply with nature’s changing. The sweltering summer is said to be symbolic of the power of life.

The bright blue, cloudless summer day of early afternoon lends itself to the towering summer cloud. The cloud seems to transform into the shape of a mountain, and this is the meaning of 奇峰Kihou. It is a magnificent sight. This clouds development causes a boiled up feeling of excitement, and the meaning of this poem is representative of how the excitement of life unfolds.

The source, known by the field and country poets, is one verse of the poem “Four Seasons” by 陶淵明Touenmei. 「春水は四沢に満ち、夏雲奇峰多し。秋月明輝を揚げ、冬嶺孤松に秀でず」。In the springtime, the melting snow fills the streams to almost overflowing. In the summer, powerful clouds are forming and flying high overhead. In Autumn the moon is reflecting brightly, and in the winter the lone pine clinging to the side of the mountains summit stands tall against the bitter cold wind.

People seldom plan to go deep into nature, and this poem helps us to understand the beautiful countryside.
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