1. Deep Sea Diver

    Legacy Japanese White Pine

    In November 2018 my Father in Law passed away and a dozen of his trees passed on to us. We had kept these trees during the past two winters, but we did nothing except repot and keep the trees alive for the next year, mostly due to damage and subsequent surgeries from auto accident for 18+...
  2. I

    PINUS parviflora Zuisho pre-bonsai europe

    Hi everyone! As the title, I'm looking for a place where to buy JWP Zuisho pre bonsai in Europe (I live in Italy). Does anyone know a place to buy them? Many thanks!
  3. pandacular

    panda’s Pinus parviflora ‘Aoi’

    I bought this white pine from my local nursery during their fall tree sale. I find the foliage of ‘Aoi’ stunning, and the growth habit looks compelling for an upright or slanting pine. Its also one of the cultivars listed in the Bonsai Today book, so somebody’s using them for bonsai. When I...
  4. D

    Bonsai in fridge

    Hi! I decided to pick up 2 JWP but then realized they need a winter dormancy to survive long term. I live in a tropical area so there’s no winter, lowest it gets is 65F (18C). I read around and see some use fridge but no “long term” success yet. I’m gonna give it a shot with a mini fridge to...
  5. L

    Repotting Japanese pines in summer???

    So, I was watching YouTube and a new BonsaiQ video popped up on my feed. A little over halfway through the video, the guy says that he repots Japanese pines in the middle of summer when it’s hot. Kinda blew my mind to hear that. Has anyone here tried doing that as their regular practice? If so...
  6. N

    Japanese white pine seeds

    Hello everyone, I recently ccollected some jwp seed from my local nursery. The pine was a named cultivar and my question is what can I expect from the seed? Will they resemble the cultivar be sterile or best case scenario revert to a regular jwp as that is what I would prefer? Thank you
  7. L

    Lorax7 JWP #4 progression

    Picked up this Japanese White Pine ‘Fukuzumi’ nursery stock this summer. Up-potted it a little when I got it w/ minimal disturbance of the roots. Pruned one branch to avoid creating inverse taper, wired the first branch, and wired a branch that will eventually be the trunk. I’m aiming to...
  8. S

    Dying JWP?

    Hello, I live in seattle, region 8b and i have a Japanese white pine which is maybe 2-3 years old. I got this tree maybe a year ago and it seemed to be doing well until January but it's needles started turning brown thereafter. I was kept in an uncovered section of the patio during the winter...
  9. Apex37

    Nursery JWP?

    Debating on getting this guy, but it may be more work than it's worth. $200 ain't cheap, but I don't see nursery pines like this here. Tree is about 18" from soil level with about a 3" nebari. Decent branch structure. Roots I'm sure are a mess, which may lend itself to not being a good choice...
  10. D

    Jwp advice on styling & timing

    I am pretty new to pines and would greatly appreciate some advice and help with a game plan for this tree. It is a grafted Miyajima, jwp supposedly 9-10 + yr out. I purchased it on ebay last spring. I potted into this pond basket right after I received it, as it was shipped without a pot. It had...
  11. L

    Lorax7 Ponderosa Pine #1 progression

    Andy Smith collected in spring 2020. Bought it through Ken’s World of Bonsai (2021). Haven’t done anything to it yet. Planning to graft foliage in spring 2022:
  12. L

    Lorax7 JWP #1 progression

    Beginning a progression thread for my first JWP. Forgot to take a picture before starting to work on it. It was straight and basically Christmas-tree-shaped when bought from the nursery. After some branch selection, wiring, and first bending: After working on that bend a bit more and...
  13. BarkLeafTrees

    JWP Discolouring Needles

    Hi everyone! Im not sure if this is normal for white pines it’s got a blue ting to the needles so I’m assuming it must be grafted but they seem to be losing colour. Any tips would be great as I don’t want it getting any worse! Thanks Ben
  14. K

    JWP Grafts

    Hey guys, I just bought several young JWP from an online Bonsai nursery with the goal of growing them in the fields and potentially ground-layering them at the graft (previous post discussing Brent Walstons' method: https://www.bonsainut.com/threads/ground-layering-to-get-rid-of-grafts.48454/)...
  15. K

    Ground-layering to get rid of grafts

    Hey guys, I recently came across two articles, that, if I understand them correctly, state you can use ground-layering to remove grafts from 1. JWPs (https://www.evergreengardenworks.com/rootgraf.htm) and 2. Prunus mume (https://ibonsaiclub.forumotion.com/t8646-grafting-bonsai-prunus-mume)...
  16. vancehanna

    35 yrs later

    Purchased from Brussel Martin and it was a rough, last one to sell at the Chicago show back then. It was left to 'grow in the pot' for about a decade. It's only the beginning of a refined tree today.....planning on 'pulling down and lengthening the right hand side a tad.... ( the one in the...
  17. mwar15

    JWP grafting

    This is my ongoing quest to graft jwp. I acquired some EWP rootstock from a local nursery that was being discarded as they grafts for the nursery trade didn’t take. I bought a Regenhold JWP. It obviously isn’t good for bonsai in it’s current form. I am barerooting the EWP bands down to the...
  18. K

    Help me identify this JWPs' cultivar

    Hey everyone I just received a Pinus parviflora bonsai I bought from an online shop but am unsure about its' cultivar. It was listed as regular Pinus parviflora so I asked the seller specifically about its cultivar before buying because I already owned a JWP Glauca and wanted the original...
  19. Clicio

    Just before it breaks...

    Yeah, not a joke. Master Kimura actually says that when styling a JWP in this Bonsai Empire video.
  20. M

    JWP Styling advice

    Hello guys, I’m have posted a few times regarding my JWP. I got it a month ago and now I’m planning what I would like it to look like. I’m a little lost for ideas if I’m being honest, I have looked online for inspiration but the look is quite different to other JWP I see. i was thinking about...
  21. M

    Yellowing needles JWP

    Hi guys, Could you please help me and tell em if this is normal? The needles seem to be yellow and browning at the top leaving them bottom green. Only minor so far. it is been quite hot here recently and been in the sun all the time.
  22. M

    Japanese White Pine

    Hello guys, I am relatively new to bonsai, I got a Chinese elm about a month ago and have managed to take care of it well. I went to a garden centre yesterday and saw this beautiful JWP that I got not realising how different it was to the elm. I have been researching all night and can not...
  23. Gsquared

    New Japanese White Pine

    I scored on club night in Portland. Got this JWP var. hagoromo for a song at the silent auction. It is about 18” from the soil line and about 20-22” wide. Very vigorous. Trunk is about 3” and the roots are in great shape; radiating on all sides. I read a little about the variety and it is...
  24. micahmcgrath

    JWP Nursery Stock

    Recently acquired this JWP 'Glauca' from a local nursery and I am very new to JWP's so I am hoping for some guidance. The tree only ran me about $75, so seemed like a decent buy and I was itching to learn more about the species. I did basic work uncovering the nebari, only working the first 2-3...
  25. H

    White Pine Stratification

    Hey all So I've purchased some JWP seeds from Sheffield and they arrived today. I have looked everywhere and found so many different answers on stratifying them. Looked up the info found on Prof Deno's paper on germination techniques, other articles I could dig up on google scholar on the topic...
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